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Some Words on "The 10th Anniversary"

"Nine Eleven"
"Twin Towers"
"World Trade Center"
"Osama Bin Ladin"
"Al Quida"
"Homeland Security"

If the words above made you jump with fear, then you have been conditioned perfectly.  I am sick of it.  Like a hive of bees americans want revenge not justice.  I read there were 19 people who killed themselves destroying two civilian buildings.  They are dead, but america wants "justice"?  How do you expect to hang a murderer who is already dead?  19 men with belligerent hate for a country drove planes into a building killing all 19 of themselves, but like a hive of bees america just wants to lash out against anything.  


War is fought between countries who want to destroy the other, but for what country did the 19 men do what they have done?  


19 fools of their own will attacked random people of a country, and died in their attack.  Hate raged through them and knowing the cost of their actions they committed what some call suicide, others an attack, but 19 fools died ten years ago.  

Tragedy happens every day: cars wreck, bridges fall through, people lose their lives and limbs.  Those who survive are afraid of it happening again.  The unnamed families of "the victims of the 9 11 attack" are said to want justice for their dead family, but so do the families of murder-suicide attacks.  


Why do you ask that more people should die for the 19 who killed themselves in an act of hate?!  Do you fear?  What do you fear?  Do you fear it will happen again? Unlikely, as the country has taken precautions now.  Do you fear you will be attacked?  Why should you fear men without a country, men who have no money or weapons of their own to hurt you?  


You are in less danger today and everyday of being killed by a terrorist attack than killed by a common criminal, yet YOU fear the terrorist more...  What is a terrorist other than one who causes fear?  A common criminal is a terrorist, would you start a war on them?  How funny it would be to see you trying to prevent the common crime by provoking attacks by riding around in your military vehicle carrying assault weapons in the middle of your city.


Don't you get it?  If you want to rid the world of terrorism, you must first rid the world of all of its people.  Do you really want to rid the world of terrorism?  Then accept that something bad happened, it's over now, those responsible punished themselves, and there is no need for revenge.

There is only this moment
Live your life knowing each second may be your last, but be not afraid
Love everyone as if it is their last moment, so that unexpectedly when you are taken from your loved ones or your love ones are taken from you, for unexpectedly shall death always be, you may say honestly, in that new moment, "I have no regrets".
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Added: 7 years, 7 months ago
7 years, 7 months ago
The only one I felt any fear or unease at all from was "Homeland Security". :P If you really want to scare me, try "TSA needs to look in your bag".
7 years, 7 months ago
What makes you think I haven't realised any of that?
7 years, 7 months ago
The funny thing about the word "you" is that it doesn't always apply to everyone, just everyone in a group.  Yeah, I figured many who read this would not want to be grouped with humans, but that's when you have to know how to determine if you are part of those being addressed or not.
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