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I've got some questions...

Hi guys !!!

I allow myself to write another journal that nobody will read as usual :3 !

First, I have some questions...

What do you think of Fancharas ? There's bitches out of this website who can't see them painted... Yeah, I'm talking about that well-known website who don't fucking care of the rules... who steal other arts withou asking any permission... Pff...

Second question...

What do you think if you see a pic with an official Sonic chara with a Fanchara... Is it really a problem ...??? I received so many notes on this site and Inkbunny, asking me why I draw FC's with Officials... Apparently, it's like "RUINING the pic and my art skills" ! GTFO if you think that way è_é !

Third question....

When you see MY avatar, do you think I look alike him for real ??? Do you think I'm a depressed guy who is always drawing, geeking and asocial ? Is this avatar is like a second MYSELF ??? Tell me what you think of it, please...

Fourth question...

Drawing porn pics makes you a pervert guy... Do you agree with that ??? Is it because you draw porn that you love that ? For real ???...
Need your opinion here...

Fifth question...

When you receive a critic, as an artist, do you take it wrongfully ? Cause when I give critics to other artists, usually, it ends BADLY... Except a few of them were really nice and tried to explain themselves and all, something that I really appreciate. It's always good to defend his art, but not like a troll...
At first I hated what "the_other_half" told me about my bad anatomy and troubles with the characters who are not sexy at all and all and all... Logical ! But come on ! He was totally RIGHT ! Swallow your pride and listen to the great artists critics... Thank you very much TOH, all I want now is to improve and to improve more !!! Never let a critic destroy your art men !!!

Okay, that's done :3 ! Thank you for not reading it xDDD !
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Added: 7 years, 6 months ago
7 years, 6 months ago
1: Nothing really.
2: What's the big deal about it. It's not like it's real or something lol
3: lol no
4: Guys like pron. Just as much as they like breathing.
5: Critics are critics. Learn to accept those or GTFO XD
7 years, 6 months ago
art is what you make of it. if its fun and you like it, do it (as long as ur not hurting anyone).
mix characters fan or otherwise as you see fit. as long as you have permission, or using it as a gift(show them first.)

people read ur journals.  its just hard for us to say anything as none of us want 2 make the first comments.
its also hard because these are your emotions your feelings and we generally dont want to trample on said feelings.
We care because u give us "joy" lol XD (and i rant easily)
7 years, 6 months ago
1) I really have no problem with them, provided of course, that they aren't just recolors/retools of actual characters

2) No big deal. Porn is porn. but keep it tasteful. ;3

3) I really don't think about it too much... I suck at that sort of thing- next question

4) It probably does, but until you hit a certain point in perversity (which you haven't... yet), that's not something to be ashamed of >;3

5) I try to take my criticism pretty well, and I do. Just so long as their worded politely, which they are so far
7 years, 6 months ago
1. Nothing wrong with them. You make them for yourself for whatever reason. We are all guilty of if if you ever did a single RP or similar act.

2. It doesn't matter to me. You made the fan character why wouldn't you want them interacting with the official.

3. I never assume anything with avatars. That is just a whole new can of worms that should be left close.

4. Unless you are doing it for a professional living I would say yes. But to be fair I think everyone is a pervert in their own way no matter how clean you claim to be so its not a bad thing, its just your thing.

5. I only write stories. My drawing skills are less then par. But as far as my work goes I think I'm more critical of myself then anyone else. So when I see bad or negative comments unless they are just straight hate or overboard with out merit i usually don't pay it too much mind. I do what I do because I enjoy it. If others like my work all the better.
7 years, 6 months ago
First; No problem with fan-made characters.  I do it all the time for sci-fi.

Second; Don't especially care

Third:  I have no idea, but you do insist he's you regularly

Fourth:  Maybe.  Dictionary definition of a pervert is someone who does something abnormal for sexual gratification.  Do you draw porn for sexual gratification?

Fifth:  I don't do enough artwork to really garner criticism.  But I take it in the tone it's given.  If I have someone coming in saying "You fucking retard, your proportions are all wrong", I'm going to ignore them, or fire back with insults.  If someone says "You might want to make the left leg a little thinner, it's a bit too large for the rest of the body," I'll be more likely to accept the criticism and give it a shot.
7 years, 6 months ago
1: I believe it's only a FC if you put some work into it, and not just recoloring.
2: For me it's not a problem... I'm thinking of creating a story that involves Official Characters...
3: Beats me... Some show themselfs in the icon, some don't... Don't really care...
4: I do believe that some artists can draw porn without being perverts... I think those kinds of people exist...
5: When it comes to critics, there's 2 kinds of bad critics... The good one (Ex: You forgot to draw the tail and you should make the nose bigger and etc...), where those you try and receive then and learn from them... Then there's the stupid one (It sucks!) Which in that case, do like me and ignore... Block the guy who made the comment only if necessary...
7 years, 6 months ago
First and 2nd: I just skimmed the beginning but I dont think it matters. If someone cares that much and they dont wanna see a fan character in it you need to tell them, commission me and ill draw the same pic without fans lol. If you get a free look you cant bitch, its like a rule.

3rd: I assumed that it was similar to yourself..

4th:People that dont understand say yes, but I find it to be just like any other hobby. If you like sex and relations and drawing toons, I dont think so.

5th: One thing Ive learned about art. NO one style is correct, and its hard to say one style is better than another cus its like apples and oranges. If someone gives someone a critque they need to take it under consideration. Its just an oppinion.
7 years, 6 months ago
(says no one reads it and notices comments lol) well thats the spirit man. never give in to idiots out there that get angry over stupid things. if its true then dont be mad about it. make it better. make it something much more. thts how it goes.
never give in to those that hate. because then you become one of them
7 years, 6 months ago
See FA for answers  XD
7 years, 6 months ago
First: no opinion really, its not right they steal others artwork tho
Second: usually when somebody draws their own fancharacters with another official its because they probably have a crush on them..*like if some girl draws a pic of their character yiffing sonic or tails* some people get annoyed by that (not me tho hehe)
Third: makes me think of Edward from fullmetal alchemist :P
Fourth: it doesnt make you a perv...alot of artists draw naked people..including famous artists
Fifth:i only give good comments for art critisim and keep the negatives to myself..if i was the artists however i would listen to both and simply follow by if i agree with their opinions or not
7 years, 6 months ago
This is my answer for question four:
This is a problem that every ignorant person seems to have when they come across art displaying pornographic imagery.
They right away label that artist as a sick twisted pervert and a threat to all humanity. Your work I think is simply amazing, I dont see it as pornographic, but sinply as adult erotic art. I mean official Sonic or fan-characters cant be innocent or saving the world all the time. It would probably drive them mad. They gotta be fucking sometime or another too. Okay, I do repect the non adult fan art that you see
on here and on DA and FA, but if it's totally aimed at adults and enjoyed as plain humour or a thing of beauty, it's still fan art no matter how you see it. Not a piece of filth just for shock value. Why do we create such imagery. Coz, it's human nature linking with it's hidden psycological and physical animal instinct within. Natural as breathing.
7 years, 6 months ago
a single image of mixing mobians fan and cannon is no big deal. but when you look through a large gallery and only see large quantities of....
multi different fan characters with multi different cannon characters =nothing wrong
multi different fancharas with single cannon chara = little wierd
single fan chara with single cannon = pretty weird

third question you asked, i typically believe that any avatar that someone makes and claims as them to be partially accurate. its a fictional version of you so you exaggerate a few things, make your character have some personality traits that you think are interesting,  or even the opposite is true, where you make a fictional character then add a few quirks that you have. theres something about your avatar that is you, we cant tell what it is because we dont know you, but if it had nothing you do have, i doubt you would say that he is you.

drawing porn does not make the man perverted, perverted man has more perverted things to do than stare at a blank slate and start adding things, like drilling that hole in the bathroom wall... or working towards becoming a priest... *whistles and walks away from that*

critics do not say things are bad, but rather point out that this could be better. a true critic on a piece would never strike at the subject material, but only the details. if person believes that your anatomy is off, he should mention what it is about the anatomy thats off to him, is it a limb size issue or shape of the head? point is, if you want to critique something, point out what you actually dislike, its also not a bad idea to point out what you like. there has to be something

i always read notes by people i watch, its something to do, but i hate typing/writing so i rarely post.
7 years, 6 months ago
1) I don't like or dislike fan characters. Sometimes, I see some that I really, REALLY like. Other times, I'm just thinking "wow, that's so lame." To me, it depends on if it has a story behind it or not, what people do with it...

2) Crossovers are super lame. I usually only do them myself tongue-in-cheek, knowing that either it was a request or a commission. I don't like original characters with official ones, I think it pollutes the continuity. I dislike official OC as it is! (Silver and Elise, I'm looking at you, you motherfuckers!)

3) Yes, I do associate your avatar with you. It's only natural to. But I don't actually know enough of Raian's personality in the comic to attach it to you.

4) I draw porn right now because that's where the money is. If I do other pictures, it was because it was personal to me or if it was gift art, it was because it was for someone I loved or just liked as a friend. A lot of my pictures have that kind of motivation behind it, but not many ask about it.

You shouldn't care what other people think. Everyone has strong opinions where sex is concerned.

5) It depends on the tone the critique was written in. I  don't get many of them myself. =C I've seen other fans get pissed off when I redline an artist in the comments, but the artist usually says "thanks" and appreciates it. Or, at least, I hope they do... since it usually takes up a slice of my time I could have spent on something else.

Your other half is a guy? X3
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