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Late, late night thoughts on the Superb Owl and other things

X-posting from my FA:

It surprises me that anyone would think Left Shark didn't know exactly what he was doing. Look at that--we even have a name for him. Left shark. It is said that all press is good press, and I think the Super Bowl halftime show is proof of it. There is no way people would be talking so much about Katy Perry's performance if it had been 'perfectly' choreographed. We love a spectacle and we talk about it. Notoriety isn't as good as fame, but it's heaps better than obscurity.

And that leads into something I often muse over as an artist. Visibility. Presence. One's "brand." There is an inherent risk to evaluating oneself as an artist in public view, but I'll hazard enough to say I think I'm decent. However, that alone seems almost incidental in garnering attention. Most of my work doesn't receive more than a couple of comments, and favorites rarely break the double digits (at least here; elsewhere on a pony-themed gallery I tend to draw more feedback. May it be an exercise to the curious to find it ;p). It leads to speculation on my part. For instance, is volume paramount--producing a glut of images to stay afloat above the deluge of images flooding the latest submissions page?

I've seen it work for other artists. And though these artists may get called out--often justly--on anatomy issues, haphazard coloring, etc., though they may develop a vocal group of loyal detractors, that just means people are talking about them. That they're visible. And though they may be criticized, these criticisms are clearly given in reaction to the attention the artist commands, their success and their presence, rather than a failing in technique.And it just means the artist is being discussed, that their name is being ahead. All press is good press, and notoriety is better than obscurity.

This journal is already running far too long for the general attention span, so I'm going to cut it here. As an artist these are things one can't help but meditate over however; feedback is our lifeblood, and nobody wants to perform for an audience of ghosts.
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