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Instead of Writer's Block, I get "Writer's Detour!"

I guess this would apply to artists as well.

I haven't really experienced writer's block yet, in fact I've got parts of my stories already written in my head (or at least outlined.) My problem is, I put off writing.

I wake up in the morning, and occasionally I'll write a bit before breakfast (particularly if I got up VERY early), but most of the time I want to eat breakfast first. When I do that, I want to watch something like an episode of Enterprise (or whatever TV show I'm watching). After that's done, I may mess around on the net for a little bit, catching up with various forum posts, etc.

All of the sudden, it's lunch time! I watch another episode during that meal, and then fall back to surfing the web again. Occasionally I get an hour or two of writing done in the afternoon, but usually I look up and it's already dinner time!

I think you see where this is going... I eat dinner and watch a movie or TV episode again, then play on the net some more, until it's bedtime! Sometimes I even fall asleep with the laptop on my lap.

I think part of the problem is because I don't have AC anywhere in the house except my bedroom, and we've had 55+ days that were 100 degrees or higher. The only place to use my laptop is on my bed, propped up with some pillows behind my back. For some reason, watching movies/TV or reading/posting in forums doesn't bother me, but when I try to write for a while, my legs start hurting.

Since they are erotic stories that won't pay anything (other than the praise and adulation of the cheering masses), it's not a job, and I enjoy writing them, but I just can't bring myself to actually start writing most days.

I haven't actually thought about writing anything for many years, but I started in July and I'm up to 330KB now, even with the various delays. Well, actually I started in May, and my computer died. I think there was only one story (maybe two) on the hard drive, but the drive seems completely dead. I might be able to recreate the story from memory, I wasn't very far into that one. While my computer was dead, I started hand writing a story, and got to 4 pages before I realized I really have to type them on the computer! After I got my computer running in July, I expanded those four pages to 6 chapters (so far,) about 130K of text (around 22,000 words.)
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