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Claves 7 + Rudd and Valde

The latest Claves is "done" but I am too fookin tired to furitize it tonight. Expect to see it posted here tomorrow. In the meantime, those who want to read the human version can check it out [On my Tumblr]

This chapter has what I guess you could call a cameo in it. Two really. Rudd and Valde were meant to be central characters in the Vanda series. Valde is a dark elf guy who is part of a tribe of warlocks who gain their power by having a demon soul implanted in them at the time of birth. Valde's demon has transformation powers. The short version is that Valde has to constantly use his demon magic to keep his demon depleted or risk allowing the demon soul to become too powerful and overtake the host. This leads to lots of transformation taking place in those around him. He's not referred to by name in Claves 7. He's just referred to as the morose elf mage.

Rudd on the other hand is a major player in this chapter, but his magical specialty is only alluded to. He has empathic ability which allows him to channel and read people's emotions. Hence why he kinda loses it in this chapter and becomes a total hornball for a bit. In the context of Vanda, he's basically the only person keeping Valde sane. They were actually my first super gay OC pair.

Masurao and Kagerou were originally not a couple. Kagerou wasn't even a major player, but as I started designing them, Masurao usurped main character status from Rudd and Valde, and then Kagerou usurped it from Mas haha.

I want to do more with Rudd and Valde sometime, but there's a lot of other shit I gotta do first. It's just fun to revisit ancient OCs sometimes. Also they are officially Vanda characters, but they appeared in Claves. I am still on the fence about whether or not I want Claves and Vanda to be set in the same universe because all of Vanda magic is heavily structured and revolves around the elemental system whereas Claves's magic system is divided by schools; enchantment, divination, arcane, etc.
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