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Assassin's Creed and L4D2

These are the games I've been playing now.

Assassin's Creed
I was looking forward to this one, it was more assassin stuff and a friend really liked it. Then I played it and was mostly disappointed. Whoever designed the menus deserve a very painful death. To exit the game you have to go through about three or four options then sign back in because the main screen doesn't have an exit button!
In game looks really nice and running around is a lot of fun. It gets let down though with repetition and a lack of sense. Guards know who you are immediately, not surprising with the weapons out, unless you are in a group of scholars and just riding a horse will make them chase you. You can overcome that by walking the horse like a snail but I found it easier to just gallop around.
The game is also very buggy. It crashes when you go into Jerusalem without a bug fix. Though that might just be the crack.... However it has other annoyances and bugs. The in-game movies are unskippable and at certain times you are forced to walk. Once I made my way to a kill and the game decided it was a good time to force me to walk. I also happened to have come from the rooftops and was standing on a hanging board. Suddenly I couldn't jump off and had to restart!
Also the whole future thing just sucked. I was taken out of my killing spree to walk some loser into a bed. How fun.

Assassin's Creed II
I then turned to the sequel in the hopes that it had improved. It had in some areas and gone worse in others. It doesn't feel quite as repetitive but it seems too guided. I haven't tried rejecting any missions yet but I might just to see what happens.
The running and climbing is just as awesome as before but the fighting is less impressive. ACI made a nice sound when you killed people with your hidden blade and it had a certain feel. ACII lost the sound and now using the blade feels rather empty. Not to mention at one point they gave me two blades and I wound up killing a civilian next to the person I was meant to kill.
I'm glad to see I'm not dragged out of the animus to go sleep any more and the computer feel is much stronger now. The money aspect of the game seems unnecessary,especially when its so easy to pickpocket. ACII also has the random times were it forces your moves, something I hate. I had to charge down a guard, who escaped and was probably meant to, because the game wouldn't let me select my throwing knives!

L4D2's intro deserves a mention because I love it. It's probably one of the best game intros I've seen. The game itself is alright, though being a multiplayer game and me lacking anyone to play it with, I'm probably missing out on all it has to offer. It's also not the type of game I'm really in favour of, there's no sneaking and the enemies never run out. There's not too much to praise or criticise, everything feels pretty good and it's entertaining enough that I've been going back a few times but it doesn't have anything that really stands out.
my first L4D2 experience wasn't the best though, some weird zombie pushed me into a couch and I got stuck in it. I got free after I dropped a pipe bomb at my feet. Then the ai got trapped in a fire and died. If I had three people over though I'd love to give it a proper test.
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