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Commission Info

Commission Procedure
All commissions follow a standard procedure, which is documented as follows:
1. Upon initial contact, communications will be sent to determine as accurately as possible the desires of the commissioner and the willingness and ability of the artist to produce the desired end result within the time constraints and formats defined by the commissioner. The artist will establish a price for the commission based upon the needs outlined. The artist will during this period determine the feasibility of the commission and either accept or deny the project.
2. If accepted, no further work on the project will begin until payment for the commission is received in full.
3. The artist will produce one to several rough sketches to present to the commissioner and ensure accuracy to the desired outcome. The commissioner, during this time, must review and ask for any desired changes, or confirm a sketch as the desired basis for the work. The artist reserves the right to declare any number of changes unreasonable and insist upon a confirmation, or increase the price to accommodate the large volume of preparatory work, or cancellation of the commission (see Refunds and Cancellations).
4. The artist will produce the final piece at this time. The artist may contact the commissioner during this phase for the commissioner’s opinion, but if changes are requested, the artist reserves the right to increase the price of the commission to accommodate the increased production work.
5. Upon completion, the work will be distributed to the commissioner in the format agreed upon. This is considered a final and completed work—changes requested at this point will be priced as an entirely new commission.

Refunds and Cancellations
The artist does not offer refunds except when the artist becomes incapable or unwilling to complete the commission within the established time frame (or at all).
In the event of the cancellation of a commission by the commissioner after payment is received, the artist will offer the commissioner the work completed so far on the project.
Acceptable Forms of Payment
The artist accepts only the following methods of payment:
• Paypal
• Personal checks
• Cashier’s checks
• Money orders
• Credit cards
Please note that the artist is not responsible for lost mail or packages and will not begin work on a project if the payment is mailed and never arrives. As a result, the commissioner must please use whatever insurance and proof of delivery services are available to ensure that payment reaches the artist.
Paypal’s strict user agreement requires that commissioners sending payment via Paypal indicate for what they are sending money in the payment process. Commissioners will please indicate that their commission is a “service” and offer no further information.

Unless otherwise negotiated in the communications phase, purchasing the copyright to the commission is subject to an extra fee (see Pricing). If the copyright is not expressly requested and paid for, the artist reserves the rights to the picture, including posting, printing, and profiting from its use. If the commission contains material already copyrighted to the commissioner, the artist will respect that copyright.
The artist reserves the right to post and/or include the completed work on their portfolio(s) with intent to display and not profit from its presentation as protected under the doctrine of Fair Use.
Acceptable Material Guidelines
The artist has established a communications period in the commission process to establish whether the commission’s content is acceptable material. However, several guidelines may be observed to expedite the process.
• The artist reserves the right to refuse any content for any reason.
• Extremely graphic content is likely to be rejected.
• Extreme fetish content is likely to be rejected.
• Illegal content will be rejected—this includes content that is not illegal within the constraints of artistic license.

Pricing Guidelines
All prices are negotiated during the communications phase of the commission process. To expedite the process, a number of estimates for commission pricing follow (estimates assume a single character):
• $16.00 for inks (no shading or color)
o +$8.00 for each additional character
• $40.00 for inks and color
o +$24.00 for each additional character
• $56.00 for inks
o +$8.00 for each additional character
• $140.00 for inks and color
o +$24.00 for each additional character
All changes requested after the sketch has been confirmed are subject to an additional charge.
The artist reserves the right to change any prices for any reason during the communications phase of the commission process.

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