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Some Song Lyrics

Trying some song writing.  Tell me what you think

The Player

Who was once a rebel
Has now become the fool
Those who were once a friend
Were in the end just a tool
Those who came to his aid
Are now stabbed in the back
Bleeding from broken hearts
And strung up high on the rack

How could you...

You used us all like toys
All the good little girls
And the eager young boys
We were too blind to see
The truth that was going on
That we were rungs in the ladder
That you were climbing up on

Where swindling and scheming
Is the name of the game
You will use anyone you know
Just to get a moment of fame
No one really matters
When you're trying to get on top
'Cause you nothing but a player
Doing anything for props

The ones who insulted you in the past
have became your brand new crew
Leaving the played to wonder if they'll last
Or become the next ones you'll screw
We see you using those same old tricks
To get them to work as your knights
All the while using them to get ahead
Soon to leave them in the dust, just for kicks

Oooooh... oh no...

Those you will befriend next, we all feel sorry for
For they won't last long, and soon be out the door
As so it shall be until something is done
Countless more will fall for your fame
Each and every one of them merely tools to be used
Just products for all your games and your fun

*repeat chorus*

*repeat chorus*

One day we know you'll fall back into that hole
Wait and see, oh wait and see
Then you'll be looking up to all of us
begging and pleading to set you free
We will then raise our middle fingers
and tell you to lay in the bed you made
'Cause if you live your life as a player
Its only a matter of time before you get played
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Added: 8 years, 10 months ago
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