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Upgrade complete. There we go...

...don't you feel more fully featured and less buggy now?

Technically you're all now using "Harmony v0.9e Preflight Beta 5" and not horribly buggy featureless old version 0.9d Preflight Beta 4 from YESTERDAY.

Can't you tell the difference? No?

Well here's a quick list of what got updated TODAY to make this version 0.9e:

- Background now uses traditional CSS for positioning, not the crazy scroll method we used to use (some of you saw that!). We may try to get back the pretty 3D/parallax scrolling one day, but it was too slow on many browsers and we're out of time to get it to work.

- Payments now accepted for Visa and American Express (we're still negotiating for Mastercard).

- No dictionary words in passwords for new accounts (using dictionary words in passwords is the number one reason accounts get hacked).

- Tabs/sections for Unread Messages (I've always wanted that!) that makes it much nicer to use.

- Textarea now gets focus when you click "Reply" to a message (before you had to click again on the text box just to start typing which was annoying).

- Pools were showing as "updated" in Unread Messages when an artist added a HIDDEN image to a pool, which was pointless. I don't think anyone except me noticed that one though. :P

- Lots of other little bugfixes.

There will probably be another update like this tomorrow! Isn't it nice having admins working full time on the codebase? ^^



Note to self: UpgrAde is how it is spelled.
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Added: 12 years, 2 months ago
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12 years, 2 months ago
Reply seems to be broken. I've been trying to reply to a reply with no luck (it ends up replying to the original post instead)

Also, what's a pool?

Also, are you considering adding stories to the site as well? I've been asked in FA about it.
12 years, 2 months ago
Thanks! I screwed up some javascript. x.x;;;; Fixed!

A pool is a folder. Except you can add a submission to as many pools as you like.

A few people are asking about story modules so we will add one but it's not high on the list right now! In a few weeks we think. ^^ Almost certainly before the public launch. :P
12 years, 2 months ago
" starling wrote:

A pool is a folder. Except you can add a submission to as many pools as you like.

I think I just creamed my pants.
12 years, 2 months ago
We aim to please. <3 :3
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