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Beware this artist

@Zeriara Also known as Seux (suex maybe not sure how it was spelled)

She is the artist that took over a year to finish a commission and during that time refused to keep in contact or participate in polite communication. She is well known for taking people's money and running never completing a commish at all (I was lucky I got mine).

She ignored my feedback about what I liked when she did show me a sketch or 2 and in the end totally abandoned a sketch I really liked, instead just throwing something together real fast to shut me up.

Please spread this message round, as she is trying to sucker people into commissioning her here on IB, she has been banned from FA 3 or 4 times for similar issues.
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Added: 7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
more times XD... she's a RLCL, look over internet :3.

more of this exist, so good u got your money back (or comish).

U can always send pm to all the people following her.
7 years, 10 months ago
Have you seen the Live Journal groups Artists Beware? You should give a read over there. I believe she's been mentioned a few times. Its a good place to search before commissioning people so you know what you're getting into  :)

7 years, 10 months ago
I'm sorry that this has happened to you, just another story to add to the pile of many, many others I've heard.  I'm just thankful that you did receive the merchandise you bought.

I have to ask though, at what point do we consciously decide as a community to stop letting her do "business"?  Her MO has always been that she does this exact thing for as long as she can until the heat gets too much for her, then she changes her name and/or the site she uses.  Either this is out of necessity(as was the move from FA to here) or not, her methods never change.

Strider's suggestion is an excellent one, but it doesn't reach far enough.  We really need to come up with a farther reaching solution for awareness out there.  

But, I should stop before I start ranting on and on about what I think should be done about it in detail.  Most people don't like that sort of thing, after all.  I'd just like to say again that I'm sorry that you nearly got taken by her as she has so many others and there are others like yourself that think community awareness of her, and others, is so very important.
7 years, 10 months ago
You just don't pay her in advance for anything, only upon completion.

Problem solved.
7 years, 10 months ago
Unfortunately, this doesn't work so well in an environment in that most artists require some, if not all, of the money in advance as protection from dead beat commissioners.  This is a common practiced tactic nowadays thanks to people like MHirtes bilking hundreds of dollars worth of work from artists over the last several years.  

While I'll agree that would be a proper way to do business with Zeriara, what happens when those people that have successfully done business with her that way, move on to a much more reputable artist?  Are you telling me that every single one of those people will immediately have faith in that artist when they require some or all upfront?  

I posit that they'll instead require that this new artist does business the exact same way, and some of them will be upset when the artist refuses.  Perhaps even going so far as to bash these artists on resources like Artists Beware where, once posted, can not be removed.  That's still rather damning for some people's reputations, even once the administrators mark the thread as resolved in a favorable manner.  People on the internet very rarely read anymore, they tend more to just look at the search result and the first line.

I see the problem as far from solved with just what you suggest.  

I'll admit, what I've said above is only a theoretical possibility of events, but it's not one that I like to think of as being a possible consequence of such limited action.  Instead, why don't we just make more of an effort to let everyone know about her, dry up her "business", and suffer nothing worse than a whining journal from her about us all being "mean" to her.

Just my opinion though, take from it what you like.  I do appreciate seeing that someone reads my comments though.  Makes me feel like the effort I went through in first writing it wasn't a pointless endeavor.

EDIT:  If you'd like to further discuss this, I'd be happy to run to PMs or write my own short little journal so as not to jam up Aisha's journal.
7 years, 10 months ago
I'd quite happily commission them, but I just won't pay up front. That's how you deal with a situation like this.

And if they won't accept that, then just take your money elsewhere.
7 years, 10 months ago
Seeing as you feel that way, I see no further point in trying to have any thoughtful conversation with you about it.  Nothing of value is ever gained by sharing viewpoints with someone that wants to deal solely in absolutes, as it is often nothing more than a waste of good time.
7 years, 10 months ago
She left a shout on my IB asking if I want more art from her. I've had difficulty with her in the past. Too many of her excuses to mention here.
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