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Fursuit comissions open in NOV-DEC

Ok.... so I'm not going to any furcons next year, that means i wont be making any personal suits and working on my physical appearance.
But i don't want to get rusty for suit makings...
So in Nov-Dec ill be accepting commissions for FURsuits (rubber suits will come later)

A note in advanced: I only use good quality fur, not the cheap stuff you can find at most local fabric stores (they sometimes have good stuff, but rarely) And this limits some color options, ask if I can do your colors first.
I want my suits I make to last a long time, so if I can't get your colors and can't do your suit, it's not you, I just wouldn't feel comfortable making something that I don't feel is acceptable to me.

Heads are all spandex lined for comfort. I can do two styles of fursuit heads, the regular foam version, which produces a large head (Not huge) but it's going to be about 2-5 inches wider on each side of your actual head. Or a slimline head, built so that the cheeks and muzzle front area will be the only thing padded out extensively. The slimline heads are "space savers, and can easily have the back of the head folded in and ears tucked down to reduce space without any harm to the head at all.

Feetpaws use EVA foam for durability to walk outside. My meerkat has been around for a few years and worn all over with minimal wear on the feetpaw foam. Feetpaws use plush slippers instead of shoes.

Full simple suits

Simple two or three colored suits like the link above will run 1100$ shipped. Small extras like zippers can be done as well.
Full complex suits

Suits that are complex, having alot of different markings, fur colors, styles, ect like the crux are considered complex, and can be done for 1600$ shipped
Winged creatures are considered complex suits.

Plush fursuits
I am going to make one for myself, and cannot offer them until I feel like the one for me is acceptable. Quality before money. They will be spandex lined, under the padding and outside to create a body 'pod' that is removable from the fur shell. They will be one piece, with everything sewn together.
But untill i make one for myself and see what it takes, an estimated price is going to be 2200$ for a simple suit and 2400$ for a complex suit
Digigrade suits
I have made one, and it turned out rather well, I don't have pics of it yet... But simple digi suits are 1500$ shipped,and complex digi suits are 1900$ shipped

I can make the suits a one piece deal, and even if you want, make a secondary set of long armpaws to wear as a partial. Only and extra 60$ when purchased with a full suit.

I can also line any suit with spandex, at an extra 180$. Comfy spandex encasement over the entire suit!
Partials, I haven't priced out yet... maybe 500$? I haven't made a partial suit before, so I wouldn't know how to price one.
Other kinds of fursuits can be made as well
Spandex, velour, ect.

The non-fur suit fursuits are only available in full suit.
Each suit will be lined with spandex, spandex suits will be lined with a thick spandex, to get a double walled spandex, for durability purposes.
Fur/spandex can be combined to make a furry chest/legs ect for more charge.
Regular all spandex suits 700$ shipped
Spandex suits with fur accents 850$ and up depending on how much fur coverage there is.
And I also can make straitjackets and other suit accessories
https://www.furaffinity.net/view/5940621/ Jacket
https://www.furaffinity.net/view/5539432/ muzzle and blindfold
Straitjackets run 160$ plush shipping (varies) and are based off of the Posey style jacket with real buckles and straps, not the cheap ebay ones that have looks. Mine are fully functional and can contain a struggling fur really really well! Like fursuits, I only use the best materials for the jackets, so if I can't do your color, it's because I can't find adequate materials.

All have jackets made by me, and they haven't been able to get out when properly applied
Muzzles are experimental, and can be included with a jacket for no charge. I'll experiment with them on my suits a bit more before I can offer them independently, though in order to make one fit the fursuit, I would have to have the actual head in my possession to make it work 100% And cannot offer to make a muzzle on any suit I cannot directly have for measuring.
All suits require 50% down to start and can be completed in roughly a month.
REMEMBER... commission a suit at least TWO MONTHS before a con, When I get going, I'll post updates and ETA dates for suit completion.
Suits can be rushed... for an addition charge of *puts pink to muzzle* ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS!. Nah... I'll work on them at a normal rate.

ADD 2 WEEKS for shipping purposes. All suits will be insured at commissioned price, so be aware if your country charges VAT, I can ship un-insured at low reported value... but If that happens, I won't accept responsibility if the suit is lost and not insured at price, it will be your responsibility and loss if that happens.

References should be provided, if not, I can doodle a few quick ones for you. Though it will be for reference purposes only and probably be acceptable as art, but not meant to be a finished piece.

Ill send a measurement sheet to fill out, best to have a friend help, as self measurements can be off a bit.

If you want a suit, lemme know, and I can add you onto the list for when I start.
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