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Commission prices


All the products we make come with a two year warranty on them, should something happen any then need fixing send it back and we shall fix it free too you. If you see something listed that you want that says Price Coming Soon feel free to ask us and we will give you a guess at what we think the price might be. For the Coseplay I took a guess on a price I have a feeling that it needs to go up more then it is but it will sit were it is for now. I will update the list as we set prices so keep watching for them if you want one ^.^

Fursuit: from us they come with Digi grade legs, fallow me eyes, and a moving jaw. its 10~ 20$ more for any taxidermy work on your suit.
- Arm sleeves: 15$
- Body suit: 85~95$
-Ears: 15$
-Eyes: 10~15$
-Foam base: 65~70$
-Foot paws: 20$ 25$ with claws
-Foot paws (without your shews): 30$ 35$ with claws
-Full suit: 250~350$
-Furring: 75$
-Half suit: 150~200$
-Hand paws: 10$ 15$ with claws
-Head: 90~95$
-Pants: 40~45$
-partial: 100~ 150$
-Quad suit: Price Coming Soon
-Refreshing: 100~150$
-Tail Large: 40$
-Tail Small: 20$
-3/4 suit: 150~200$

Digital/Traditional art:
-Badges: 5~6$
-Chibi: 4$
-Comic: 6~7$
-Flat: 7$
-Icon: 1~5$
-Ink: 5$
-Pin up: 6$
-Shaded: 9$
-Shaded with detailed background: 10$
-Sketch: 4$
-Ref: 9$
-Tattoo: 6$

-Choker: 3$
-Cuffs: 4$

-Large sculptor: 5$ 7$ with fur
-Small sculptor: 3$ 5$ with fur

-Fur feral: 20$
-Fleece feral: 10$
-Fleece/fur feral: 25$
-Fur anthro: 30$
-Fleece anthro: 20$
-Fleece/fur anthro: 35$
-Dress/clothing: 10~25$

-Arm warmers: 5~10$
-Animal backpack: Price Coming Soon
-Bandanna: Price Coming Soon
-Coseplay: 150~250$
-Emocon hair clips: 2$
-Hat: 10~15$
-Hoodie: Price Coming Soon
-Kigurumi: Price Coming Soon
-Messenger bag: Price Coming Soon
-Paw warmers: Price Coming Soon
-Pillow: Price Coming Soon
-Scarf: Price Coming Soon
-Shirt: Price Coming Soon
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