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Prisoner's Relaxation

New prison protocols always made for.. interesting work. Especially when those protocols called for ten massage therapists in a high security prison with extremely well funded health benefits. And that work just so happened to attract interesting people that are looking for something new. Or something specific.

Julia, for example, wanted to test her newly acquired skills of massage therapist, with a deep muscle specialty. As well as a semi-casual curiosity as to what kind of prisoners were held at this sort of prison.

The contract she had to sign upon signing up for the test course had been at least as thick was she was. It was staggering, but worth it. They made her read through several specific sections, sign a couple different places and finally had a copy mailed to her. A month later and she was called in.

They were allowed to wear whatever they liked, though they advised against anything lewd of any kind. Julia wasn't sure if her usual clothes were considered good or not, but fuck it all, it was her favorite outfit! Not like it'd matter, anyway. Sneakers, booty shorts and a tank top weren't THAT bad, right? Besides, half an hour, she'd be in and out, no problem! Not like working muscles was THAT hard.

But then the door to her work room opened. They'd left her in the hallway, told her room 5 and left. So that's right where she went, and what she found in room 5 was NOT what she was expecting.

Her... client was huge. He was nearly an extra half of her height, and covered in layered, solid looking muscle. He didn't look like he was a pure body builder, but he looked like he was fit to take on a feral bear. Maybe not literally, but holy hell.

She gaped at him for a few more moments. He was totally nude, so it was hard not to see him in his fullest glory. His fur was midnight black and looked a bit scraggly, but he was semi-well kept, his limbs long, but surprisingly graceful.  His thick black mane, oddly well groomed, fell over his shoulder, the extra fur on his calves and forearms looking a bit scraggly.. It made for an interesting combination.

In comparison to her, he was a sculpture. The feline lived the good life. She was pudgy. Not fat, but pudgy, and her curves were well filled out. Not to mention her rear end and chest. Her heavy breasts were held in her tank top by a sports bra that kept them supported and from hurting her back too much, a bit of fur exposed between her shirt and shorts, and her ample rear end was contained safely within her bottoms. Her legs were left almost entirely exposed right down to her tennis shoes.

Shuffling her feet a bit, she stepped up to the horse that supposedly hadn't even noticed her yet. His head was laid on it's side on the cushioned rest, and his eyes were closed. She wasn't sure if she should introduce herself, get his attention or just start.

In the end, she went for the latter. Grabbing a bottle of massage oil from the rack, she walked up to him and popped the cap, tilting it over and running a line from the base of his tail to his shoulder blades, a thick, somewhat gooey amber lining his spine. The stallion tensed up just barely underneath the sudden sensation, but was soon relaxed once more beneath her.

With only a touch of hesitation, Julia pressed her hands into the oil and began to run it over him, soaking it into his fur and combing it over his back. Her heart almost skipped a beat. Even just a quick rub over showed she had her work cut out. His back was like a solid layer of densely packed muscle. The stallion was a beast!

Carefully, she ran her hands over his back, working the oil over him. From his shoulders, down his arms and to his lower back. And then she stopped for a moment. Her eyes wandered down to his sculpted rear end. It was toned and firm like the rest of him, but like all equines had had a natural, round plumpness that made it irresistible.

But her employers hadn't mentioned anything about.. restrictions and limitations to location. Should she ask the stallion if it would be okay? Should she just go for it? Avoid it? Move straight for the legs?

The chubby feline shook her head. Sighing, she decided to just go for it. As her oiled hands went down, she ran her fingers over his toned rear end, sliding over the curve of his rump. He didn't even seem to react as the oil spilled through his fur, coating him thoroughly and ensuring he got a good layer of it over his muscles. She almost had to force herself to slide her hands down and off of his rump.

As her hands trailed downwards, she began to squeeze and almost stroke over him, beginning to work him over a bit prematurely. As she got the oils down to his hooves, she stopped, stepped back and moved to his upper body. Then she began the massage.

It was hard going. She had to really work at him, digging her fingers into his muscles slowly as she went, going over his muscles, working him over carefully. Her fingers ran through the tightly coiled tendons, over his shoulder blades and to his arms. Her fingers ran down his biceps and forearms, probing gently at the edges of the iron cuffs around his wrists, which were oddly resistant to being moved.

His arms finished, she moved to his back once more, working through the mountains of tension and muscle that was the stallion beneath her hands. It took a lot of effort on her part, but eventually she managed to get him to at least partially relax. Sighing with the effort, she paused briefly, went to move her hands again, then paused, staring at his sculpted rear end. She had to do it.

Swallowing her hesitation, she stepped closer to his waist and ran her hands over his rump slowly. Her fingers dug into his firm, toned flesh, the muscles of his rear tensing, then slowly relaxing under her firm kneading and teasing. She worked him over, fingers running around the base of his tail.. and then it shifted, and her eyes were drawn to the dark crevice between the mounds of muscle.

His puckered asshole looked near virgin. He was obviously at the top of the bars when it came to his life in the prison. Her rising blush skyrocketed as her eyes ran down towards the heavy pair of balls that rested between his slightly parted thighs.

The feline didn't remember moving down to his legs, but thankfully she tore herself away and went through the motions. Her shorts suddenly seemed rather.. Well, they were a lot more uncomfortable now that she'd gotten an eye full of her 'client'. She pushed through, however.

And then he turned over and her heart skipped a couple beats. Her eyes grew wide as she stared at the front side of the stallion. Namely, the massive hunk of horse flesh that was presently laid over his rock slab of a set of abs. She almost whimpered slightly in need as she gaped at him, before shaking her head out of it. Quickly, she averted her gaze, trying her hardest to ignore the half hard hunk of horse flesh that was now laid over his belly. At least, she thought he was half hard. It was hard to tell when your heart wasn't beating in the right pattern.

Her hands worked over his chest, oiling him up and making him shine under the bright light hanging above them. Eventually she had to work her way back down and she knew it. And soon, with his upper body rubbed over and massaged, she knew she was out of excuses not to.

Her eyes followed her hands as they trailed down to where his cock lay.. and found it wasn't there. Instead, there was a shadow. She stopped, her eyes moved towards his groin.. and up. He was rock hard, the simply MASSIVE hunk of stallion meat a towering spire on his groin. She could feel her legs shaking. He had to be at LEAST a foot and a half. And then she realized that her hands were once more moving downwards, sliding around his groin, and down to the massive, plump balls filled with horse cum.

She sucked in a sharp breath as she felt them in her hands, the massive orbs filling her palms nicely. She shuddered as she squeezed and rubbed them slowly, before her hands moved to his shaft. Just as her fingers were sliding around the base, she stopped, the hair on the back of her neck raising. She looked towards his head.. and he looked back at her.

The beast of a stallion had been watching her the entire time. She felt her legs starting to wobble, struggling to hold her up as she bit her lower lip. Even as her eyes remained locked with his very dark brown ones, her hands began to slide up his length, smearing oil along that ebony and white splotched dick.

The eye contact never broke as she felt her fingers cresting the head of that impossibly high flare, fingers trailing over the head of his shaft. She felt a shudder pass over her frame. And then he moved.

He was deceptively quick. His strong hand gripped the front of her shirt as he slid smoothly off the table onto his hooves, and before she knew it the front of her shirt was ripped open and she was face up on the table. With her paw print stamped tits well on display and wobbling from the excess force,  it was just beginning to register that she was in serious danger of being reamed.

Looking down at the stallion, that was less a danger and more a guarantee. He had already torn open the zipper to her shorts and pulled them up and off, tossing them to the side. With her legs forcibly spread on either side of his powerful hips, there was nothing between her and that monster dick, save for the bush of somewhat trimmed fuzz around her mound, though that wouldn't be much help.

The shaft in question slid along her cunt lips, the belly of it making her squeal as she realized just how wet she was. She left a trail of glistening juices along the bottom of his shaft as it slid over her, and that thick ring around his middle scraping her clit had her squealing as she tried to hold back. But then she realized something.

She didn't want to hold back. And she didn't want HIM to hold back. Especially not with him poised at her pussy like that. And the way those cold, dark brown eyes stared at her.. She felt a shiver run over her.

She hesitated, staring at the way he held her legs by the ankles, spread open wide, keeping her pussy open to his indeavors. Her eyes trailed up to his again. And she mouthed 'fuck me'. That was all the stallion needed.

Those powerful hips pulled back, the flared head of that shaft pressed to her mound, and he thrust. Her ample lubricant and the massage oil coating his shiny dick made it a smooth, if still rather tight entry. Her back arched sharply and she squealed as that equine dick drove straight into her pussy, her eyes rolling back. The subtle bulge of his shaft stretching her lower body open was visible, and was obviously getting bigger.

With each inch that was stuffed into her mound, that bulge followed quite. Julia let out a sharp gasp as she felt him reaching depths that had never been touched before.. and he wasn't intent on stopping there. It wasn't until his massive balls brushed up against the curve of her ass that he stopped and she had a breather.

She fell back on to the table, her eyes rolled back, pussy stuffed full and chest heaving. She felt her ankles suddenly left to sit there on their own, leaving her spread open wide like a whore, stretched around that spear, before those hands clasped onto her quite ample tits, fingers almost mimicking the paw print tattoos on her breasts. She let out a squeal as he squeezed roughly, then yanked his hips back.

The stallion didn't bother to work her up to his pace. He dragged half of his dick back, then rammed it right back in. Her eyes rolled, her back arched and she squealed, those balls bouncing off of her thick ass cheeks. It didn't take long for him to make a rough pace of it, hips rocking back and forth, ramming that shaft in and out of her pussy with a wild abandon, claiming it as his own.

That medial ring was tugging and working at her inner walls, brushing her clit when he pulled out especially far, and generally driving her fucking crazy. She yelped, squealed, arched and bucked, her legs trembling, curling up, then stretching out, toes flexed, unable to sit in one place. Her hands gripped his elbows as he molested her large chest, using her globes as hand holds while he ravaged her mound. He was a beast, and she could tell he was trying hard not to go apeshit and seriously hurt her with his rapid fucking.

The massive male's thrusts, however, were starting to jerk the table and make her worry for it's stability. Or she would worry if she had the brain function to do so. She was drooling onto the table as she was jerked around, a loud, wet squish heard from between her thighs each time he slammed into her. But those squishes suddenly stopped as the stallion buried himself balls deep, shuddered, and began to empty a load deep into her cunt. White, thick cream began to spurt out around his shaft, spilling down her ass cheeks on to the table beneath as he emptied out the contents of his balls.

Her mind was blank by then, that spurting dick having replaced her brain with a filling of horse cum. Her body shuddered and twitched as he pulled back, a small waterfall pouring from her well fucked mound as he pulled himself free of her clutching folds, his flared head popping out with a wet slurp. He stood there for a moment, panting above her, while she just laid there, chest heaving, looking rather like a vegetable. A vegetable worth a second round, as luck would have it.

The equine grabbed her by the hips and dragged her around to the foot of the massage table. She didn't have much energy to protest, not that she wanted to, as she was laid face down, massive tits squishing out around her as she groaned. With her thick ass perked up on display, the stallion was grabbing her cheeks, squeezing them, spreading them apart and generally teasing her rear end.

But that could only entertain him for so long. Soon, the feline faintly recognized the sensation of her cheeks being pried apart, and the head of that cum soaked dick pressing to her tailhole. She would have been far more alarmed if she had the focus for it. But a second wind came in the form of a rough thrust spreading her asshole open around that meaty shaft. Her eyes snapped open wide and her back arched, walls clamping on to that stallion as she let out a squeal. Her claws extended and dug into the apholstrey as her thick ass was spread open even wider than normal.

Her eyes rolled back, her body shuddering and twitching as she tried her best to relax. He wasted no time in sinking himself deeper into her, working the massive shaft into her guts and stretching her open, making her whine and gasp as her insides were rearranged to make room for the new intruder.

But make room they did, and somewhat, her ass managed to fit every inch. Those recently refilled orbs smacked into her well used pussy, making her twitch as she gasped, finding it hard to take a full, deep breath. When she felt the warm breath of a stallion's snort ruffling her hair, she thought she'd melt.

The massive beast of an equine had claimed both of her holes now. On the tips of her toes, bent over, cum dripping from her pussy and ass stretched wide, she knew that she was going to be coming back for conjugle visits.

The table shook as one massive, powerful leg was lifted and his hoof came down on her right side. With the left leg firmly planted, both hands grasped her hips and tugged her back, ensuring that he was in the perfect position. He drew back slowly, and she counted the inches as he pulled, and pulled, and pulled. Soon, his medial ring popped free, stretching her just a bit more, and he stopped. And then he rammed right back in.

She cried out, or tried to at least, as her ass was forced to accept the beast within her so rapidly. His balls slammed into her pussy, making her jerk as her sensitive bits were smashed, and before she knew it he was drawing free again. He turned the slow draws and rough entrances into a rhythm, fucking her ass and training it to take his massive size.

By the fourth slam she was squealing with each thrust, her eyes rolled back, upper body partially supported by her hands clinging her dear life on either edge of the table, drool running down her chin. By the sixth and seventh, her body was twitching firmly each time his medial ring popped free. By the fifteenth, he had given up any pretenses of being gentle.

Even with the new, sturdier choice of spot on the table, it was jerking each time he slammed himself home into her ass. And he had indeed made it his home, the tunnel perfectly formed to his cock, her ass pushing back slightly each time he had nestled himself firmly where he belonged. Her thick, wobbly cheeks jiggled each time his groin impacted them, as if welcoming him home with a dance.

Her head had dropped to the table. She didn't know when. She knew her cheek was likely caked in saliva, but she found it hard to care. With the way her face was being rubbed into it, she knew he was going to cum soon, and likely for the better. She was already going home MADE of sex!

And she was right. With a snort, the stallion threw his head back and whinnied, ramming himself balls deep between her thick cheeks and gripping her ass hard. His cock flexed and throbbed as hot cum began to pour deep into her guts, his hips rocking, grinding into her slowly as he emptied the contents of his balls. The heavy nuts rested against her pussy, keeping them nice and warm as he drained them.

Julia was distinctly aware of a growing warmth in her belly, filling her up and giving her a rather pleasant feeling. She'd have to enjoy that in just a few minutes, when she didn't have a foot and a half of stallion emptying a load up her chute.

When at last she felt his balls relax and his hands release her cheeks, she gave up and fell limp, eyes sliding closed. She'd have to take care of her new mess later. Blackness claimed her cum soaked thoughts as she went down for a recovery nap. And judging by how he wasn't pulling out yet, a long one.
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