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No More FA for Me

Well, the last few days. FA has become a nightmare to the point where I saww someone who had written the following:

"If you don't like it, leave."

Originally, the only reason I was staying on FA is that some artists are 1.) scared to go elsewhere and 2.) when InkBunny is presented as as an option, there's this sudden fear that it's a "cub porn" site.

But with recent interpretations of small breasted females = underage and small/flaccid penis = underage, I decided I just don't need that. While I can understand their unwillingness to allow "cub porn" because making money is more important than actually having a decent service, I find it offensive to attack people over their style or portrayals.

Worse yet, the AUP is being used to remove submissions that the admin think are offensive, as opposed to offensive to the AUP. For example, one artist posted a satirical piece in which a canide was hosting a panel at a con on how to host a panel that no one would attend. This was removed because the admin(s) believed it was harassment, though it lacked any identifying information, but later it was suggested that it was a certain someone who issued an  (questionable) DMCA a while back. Hoever, the artist also has a piece in whihc Fender is crucified in the backgrond and in the foreground is a caricature of Chewfow accepting 20 pieces of silver. This piece is satire of the Tyra Banks show in which a couple appeared and offended the FA admins by talking about furries and sexuality flippantly. And because the admin don't like those people, that piece is allowed, even though, but their strict interpretation, that piece is harassment.

I would like to hope that many of my watched artists overcome their ill-conceived notions and just leave. FA is not conductive towards a creative environment. It's more the personal porn stash of the admins.
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Added: 7 years, 6 months ago
7 years, 6 months ago
I've heard a lot of other problems on FA.  I'll add yours to the list I am keeping.  
7 years, 6 months ago
I received word yesterday that a music composer had some music removed because "the sounds were offensive."
7 years, 6 months ago
Another example is that there are people on FA getting their clean fursuit photos taken down because a bunch of Christian god-furs are trying to purge FA of anything they consider to be 'sexualising the fandom'.  So reporting as inappropriate anything with fursuits they consider too sexy, as having "fetish gear" in the photo.  

Also other artists who are suspected of owning a 'murrsuit' were getting all their fursuit photos taken down by people claiming that if the person has a fursuit-sex suit then any fursuit they have is "fetish gear" and should be adult-rated despite it being a clean picture and no proof at all the artist even does fursuit-yiff.  

It's the same group that is reporting all rubber-suits as inappropriate no matter what content-rating it goes under (even full-adult and all the trimmings).

That's just one organised group that is trying to censor FA based on their own views and prejudices...I am sure there are others.

And the new-ish "guilty until proven innocent" atmosphere there is a problem.  Any-one can complain and it is taken as truth and it is up to the victim to plead their case even if the complaint was unfounded, false, or malicious.  

As far as FA goes I am only there to follow the artists who are left while they last.  The admins there are going to let small-minded prudes and bigots censor the site into an unusable and empty mess.
7 years, 6 months ago
FA is a pile of shit... :P bad coding, bad moderators, bad policies. I only stay there because i have friends there, and followers.. so i just update both places.
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