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I'm getting comfortable enough with inkbunny now that I'll gladly whore my commissions at passers by; in that vein, YOU! yes, you there! read the following and give me money:


Sketches: £3-5, +£3 per extra character (depending on complexity, backgrounds, shading etc)

Lineart: £5-10, +£5 per extra character ( again depending on complexity/backgrounds)

Base colour: £10-20, +£5 per extra character (Same rules apply)

Full shading: £20-30. +6 per extra character (depending on all of the above, emphasis on complexity)

Hope that doesnt drive the market out too much; most things are negotiable.


Most things under the sun really, I'll draw happy/sad, dynamic/pinup, just state your fancy and I'll have ago at it. I will make it known that I don't have experience with any kind of body modification (fatfurs, incredibly muscular, inflation etc) so I'll try, but I reserve the right to deny anything I dont feel up for, just so you don't waste your money on an inferior product more than anything.

Mature artwork for me covers pretty much what the AUP does so don't worry about that, I'll draw tasteful nudity, some violence, dark themes etc. As well as what you'd find under general, just with more skin showing. Again, bear in mind my previous artwork and my lack of experience in the more extreme fields of our little fandom.

It's rare for me to do adult stuff, and I do have a number of reservations about it; I'm primarily a clean/mature artist, simply through personal preference, and as a result I won't just draw porn for something to choke the chicken over; what I mean is, I don't really have an interest in just drawing numerous pictures of buttseks or tentacles or what have you where the point of the picture is the act itself; I will however consider it if you'd like some kind of emotional backing to it, or we're talking about the art/beauty involved in the sexual act.

I guess what I'm saying really is I won't draw you porn, but I will, if it's a good idea, draw you a picture of an adult situation for the sake of the art and emotion involved in it.

I hope that doesn't come off sounding too arrogant ^^; I also hope that helps anyone interested, any questions at all just note me and I'll get back to you.

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