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Hello everyone Greetings

Ello everyone of Inkbunny I'm fairly newish to Inkbunny from an artist standpoint anyway ^^; I thought about posting onto this site such a long time ago but never got around to actually posting stuffs. Welp now I figured I should thanks to a few suggestions from friends of mine already on this site so I guess I'm here to stay it seems. I guess I should start with an introduction huh?

*clears throat* well.... Most peeps call me "Kota"  I'm fairly been a fur for about 2 almost 3 years now I was a Cub since I first found out about it but around that time I noticed cub art wasn't too much accepted on FA so I kept my sona(s) and characters Normal adults for most cub art as chibi art ^^. I'm very kind and forgiven sorta the Curious type about trying everything the world has to ever atleast once. Except rollercoasters!!!!! They scare me and I cried on the last one I was on T_T. I got a serious weakness for cookies....Like..don't put that cookie near me unless you wanna lose a paw >.>.......Oh I mean it.

Also I'm a amatuer artist but I'm striving for improvment and always asking for feedback and advice whenever I feel unsure of myself on how I can draw better. also I guess I should say "Welcome to my page and all info on this page will be update whenever I can" ^^.

Welp...thats all I could think of *giggles* what about you guys? anything ya might wanna ask me please feel free to ask me ^^
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Added: 4 years, 8 months ago
3 years, 1 month ago
I'm shamed that I haven't seen you here before! o.o
Your art is quite nice.. ^_^ And cute! So, welcome! (even that this is about 1.5 years late.. <.<; )

I can't wait to see more art from you. :3 So far, just keep it up!
3 years, 1 month ago
Thank you very much actually I find this to be good timing cause I'm just now officially using my inkbunny  ^^ I'm very glad you like my picture I'll be sure to post some more stuff in the near future and since Inkbunny is so cub friendly I can probably do some cub artwork as well :D
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