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a new meme ( bunny love)

i love you, i don't know who you are, what you are, where you are, just know i love you. your you and that's all that matters. I am A broken Heart, but i am yours. I feel as you feel, i know the pain you know, i have suffered as you have, lets suffer together. Lets belong to each other, lets love one another, we are born alone and must die alone but for the time being lets love one another.
I don't have to know that your there, or that you read this all, if you just open the door to your heart a crack, just a small crack, i can fill it with all the warmth and love i can muster. there are all of us who can love as i can, all of who have suffered loss of love, done things we all wish we could take back and undo. Life has no reverse, but through our sufferings we can find one another. we do not need to feel in order to know somethings missing or wrong, you don't have to admit to it openly or even admit to our selves, we don't need to hear you breathing to know your there, we don't have to have a heart to love some one, we don't even have to shower each other with gifts to show our love.
Just being there for one another is all it takes to show that we love you.

i may be insane but im sane enough to know what love is, a lot of you may not know what it is or that its staring you in the face, i just hope some where some how this meme gets spread in the hopes that it will help someone, i hope that who ever reads this know someone who needs to hear this or at least a part of it. add what you wish to it change what you like, just know if there's some one who needs to hear these words or even yours that you add in, that you can send them your love, you can pass it off as a meme or just another viral p.o.s. but to who needs it, it may be more to them what you think, or even if you just want to make some ones day pass it to them. The world is a cruel place in hole, but sending this to just one person or even just posting it in your journal so that some one reads it, can hopefully if anything make them feel a little less sad and hake them more happy.
-The Pink bani, with love- anyone who does pass this around can say they are a little bit of a bunny, bunny's die easy, any where from being too lonely, to a broken heart, or even being alone too long from there mate, even cruel people that hurt or eat them, even then they'll still love there abuser, why you ask? i don't know, maybe its just cause were bunny's or at least part bunny is some way, well will still love you.

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Added: 7 years, 8 months ago
7 years, 8 months ago
This really sweet! =D
7 years, 8 months ago
^w^ hee hee~ thank you
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