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Kitty Rant Against a Reviewing Ranter

Ultimate Apologies goes to
for this.

You know, there are times when people rant about things that are not only funny but makes perfect sense.  But the key factor in ranting about certain subjects is the actual involvement or witness the subject in play.  Which brings me to the topic of one great reviewer Angry Joe.

I've watched his videos ever since his opinions to Mortal Kombat vs. DC and each video afterward are clean cut, true, and legitimate.  He gives good reasons, throw some comedy into the mix and gives a overall take on the game as a whole.  Unfortunately, he is really close to making me defect and leave the so-called Joe Army.

His first strike was towards a Sonic game called Sonic Free Riders.  Now granted, most Kinect games are not 100% accurate and the holy grail of motion gameplay.  Yet so far the only ones that obtain such status are "Dance_____" games.  Now, without me playing the game, I can tell of a few things wrong with the game.  First off, it's back to the crappy Air-style racing.  Meaning every jump, trick, and possible action sequence during the race gains AIR in order to race but it can be used up very quickly.  Secondly, cookie cutter slideshows and plot....which has none by that matter.  And for trivial matters, the music was passable to listen to.  But not for Angry Joe.  Instead of just pointing those things out, he tears the game a new asshole relentlessly.  I swear by the way he bitches about the game and constantly egging on about it in his future review videos, you would think that he's another avid preteen Sonic fanboy that bitch about yet another failed Sonic game like it's NextGen.

"It's too fast.  It's nauseating.  It makes me dizzy.  You can't control anything."  Yahtzee anyone?  and watch him say the same shit about Sonic Generations for Modern Sonic.  Only difference is, he'll be sitting on his ass!

Now for his recent attack.  His first video about this game was reasonable.  It barely had any content and most of the favorite characters have been erased from the list today.  But he made a joke about the possible expansion.  Yep, the game is Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.  Now I'm not one for modes.  Spectator Mode, Whoop-te-do.  Although I am intrigued about the new characters and stages, there is the fact that there are new gimmicks and moves added to the base characters in the game.  Plus the possibility looking at their new move sets and seeing how these new characters function.  And even though I HATE the fact that Phoenix Wright is in the line up there may be some hope that he might actually do well in the game.  But what does the almighty Angry Joe do?  He goes into an ALL CAPS RAGE!!!!!

Seriously?  Seriously?!  He's bitching about modes, modes, modes, pussy ass characters that no one has ever heard of, all while comparing them to the orgasmic glory that is Super Street Fighter 4.  Maybe it's the fact that possibly the majority of console players out there aren't hardcore readers of Marvel comics.  But those that are may have a good advantage point should they know what their abilities are in the comic book.  Next argument is that because of the balancing maybe Phoenix(Jean Grey) won't be such a cheap bitch anymore by weakening her attack and giving her more life.  That way she won't die in one combo.  The thrid OBJECTION! is that it's just the beginning of that game, so there might be a chance that my three hopefuls, Megaman, Cyclops, and Gambit might still be DLC later on.  And the ultimate argument against his bitching is that he hasn't even played the damn game yet.

There are many possibilities of potential that this belittle expansion can bring to the gaming world.  More characters to tamper with for hardcore players for EVO 2012 and the tournaments leading to that fateful day.  More patches and characters that we have no idea who they might add.  And Rocket Raccoon.  Raccoon.  Meaning for me, there is a furry team in the making.  Felicia, Amaterasu, and Rocket.  A cat, a dog, and a raccoon.  The Furry Fury or The Freaks.  Either way, there's a good reason for me to get this game.  And who knows, my serious team may have Wesker, Zero and Phoenix Wright.  That attorney might play like gambit for all I know.

So to sum it all up on how I feel about him, I believe Random DCE has put it best for Joe's useless bitching. -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJc5d1a82Yg

And I will post this as a video response to Joe on is YouTube section.

*One more PO'd Joe*

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Added: 7 years, 6 months ago
7 years, 6 months ago
I don't know about Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 since I've not played that, but I can say this about Sonic Free Riders; it's not a game anyone can expect to be a pro at the first time they play it! You're totally right about the air-style racing and slideshow (which I really didn't care for at all), and lack of plot. However, once you get the hang of the controls (and have your Kinect properly calibrated!), it's a rather fun game. Not too fast (is it a Sonic game after all, if should be fast in my opinion.), not nauseating or dizzy unless you try one of the 360 jumps... those are tough. o.o And I've controlled it just fine. *shrugs*

Long story short, I'm in agreement with you. Sounds like he needs to think things through and actually get to know a game more before going off on it.  Hope you don't mind me piping up here. ^^;
7 years, 6 months ago
Oh no, that's cool.  I'm just glad I'm not the only one that thinks this.  Games like those take lots of time until one learns all the mechanics entirely.  Hell, I was frustrated on the original Sonic Riders in Babylon Garden for the first time.  Took me about at least a good thirty minutes to an hour to finally make first place. =>.<;=
7 years, 6 months ago
Meh, it's another on a long list of bad sonic games. Hopefully Sonic Generations would break the curse.

Also cant wait for Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, I wanna play  Tyrant. >:3
7 years, 6 months ago
wow...impresive work
7 years, 6 months ago
I kinda use to be a fan of Angry Joe, however I lost respect for him for his review of Dragon Age 2 and then following up with the Witcher 2, which was a total case of hypocrisy. In the DA2 review he ranted and raved that the game made him extremely uncomfortable because since he was playing a male character all the male characters were kinda flirting with him all the time (which is wildly inaccurate), and he didn't find any of the females attractive. All of which he summed up into saying the graphics of the over all game made it ugly and hard to look at.

Then in The Witcher 2, all he does is go into how sexy it is with all the women wanting to bone the main character constantly for every little action. Constant masturbation jokes aside, he gives it a pretty good review with some flaws. The graphics of course seemed to me kinda similar to DA2...

As a gay person I was not only a little offended by his behavior but just...I know he plays out a "character" and it can be rather funny. But his "reasons" for loving one game and hating another are kinda heavy handed and that just makes him a sub par reviewer.

So I guess I agree too, jut in a different way. XD
7 years, 6 months ago
As a big Fighting Gamer, I have to say the whole mode issue was a big deal with MvC3, and I'm super happy Spectator Mode is being added to UMvC3.

But I have to say I'm pumped for the new chars, even though the ones I voted for didn't make it.

Although despite that, I don't like what Capcom is doing. I don't want Street fighter and UMvC3 to become Call of Duty, releasing a game or two per year. What was so good about SF3 and MvC2 was the fact that after completion, they lasted over a decade. They may be broke and unbalanced as hell, but they were static, meaning someone could learn it and know it, and grow with it. However, even with AE already out, they are planning a balance patch (which is partially welcome) And UMvC3 makes it seem like I paid full price for an 8 month beta, now I have to pay another 40 for the full game.

I just hope that in the next year or so, we'll get the full rosters for both games, the balance will be settled, and we can live with these games for at least 5 years while Capcom milks other IPs (new Darkstalkers/Rival Schools/other Vs games?)
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