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I'M STONED! (Warning, Drug Content)

No really.

suggested sarcastically, or seriously, that I should announce to everyone, that I'm stoned!
okay, I smoked some pot.. ahm, "But I didn't inhale"
I just puffed on a make shift bowel, I didn't inhale it.
Not suggested for minors like my buddy Fievel, so obviously, I let him toke some.

Thanks Very Much For Reading.

Fieve.... <3 Now where's my bowel again, oh yeah, already did away with it, with theses laws.
and stoned, I can type it, still feeling like, who cares, I feel too good. <3
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Added: 7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
Remember Fievel, you can still be President now! ;)
7 years, 10 months ago
I am a Stoner! And I am running Republican!!!!
Grass is good, vote for legalization!!!! :D
Seriously though, people really do need to lightin up, and light up!
Well ahm, take it easy on things... too many people have forgotten how, or some aren't teaching em very well.
You threw it out there, so I decided, fuck it, I'm going to actually going to do it.

Medical pot for everyone who needs it, would be top of the list.
I ate little today, before I smoked, then ate a lot.
I have no idea, sometimes I just don't care to eat that much.
It's not good, and I know it.
I have a food Anxiety, and often feel as though, I feel like nothing which is around.
I smoke, everything I see becomes just fine... fast.
When I just make something, it seems fine to me.
Two days and I know it, fine.
Don't know for sure... ahhhh?
And sometimes, I just don't feel like eating at all.

Gawds.... I am sorry. I got waaaayyyy off topic in a way.

Fieve... ;)  <3
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