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figure review: first 4 generations figures

HEY! GUESS WHAT I GOT AT GAMESTOP TODAY! That's right! I got the classic Sonic, and the Sonic, Tails, and Shadow figures from the new Sonic Generations line. So I'm going to review them here, first of all, packaging, each figure comes with a badnik of dubious scale, but the cards are very nicely decorated, with a picture from the game. Classic Sonic has a picture of green hill, Tails has a picture from planet wisp, Shadow has City Escape, and Sonic has the highway stage from Sonic Adventure. There is also a cool holographic logo thingy indicating the 20th anniversary line, very nice. Now let's do the figures themselves.

Classic Sonic comes with Motobug, the badnik has no articulation (all I would have asked for was a turning wheel, or at least a KICK STAND) and it's colors are off. Instead of the blues, grays, and yellows that it's supposed to have it has a red and black scheme which is more like an actual ladybug...Speaking of which it even has spots on its shell instead of the intake vents its supposed to have. Despite these messed up details the sculpt on the thing is just amazing, totally crisp from the tread of the tires to some smattering of tech-y detail in all the right places. Classic Sonic himself is about a head shorter than modern, and his sculpt is SPOT ON. I have a Sonic cake topper from 1992 and this figure looks almost exactly like it. Some purists might point out that he has buckles on his shoes, but they are very subdued and if it really bugs you pretend he was from Sonic CD. Now is a good time to bring up that none of these figures come with display stands, and classic Sonic doesn't even have a hole in his foot to accommodate one. He has neither knees or elbows, but the arms and legs are so short and skinny I can't really see how they would fit in there. What REALLY weird is that he has a sculpt line around his waist that LOOKS like a waist joint, but it ISN'T! He has universal joints in the shoulders and hips, and ankle, wrist, and neck swivels, but BE VERY CAREFUL!!! Those joints are TERRIFYINGLY tight and you have to be very careful wiggling them loose when you get him out of the package, I felt like I was going to break the little thing but once I moved everything he settled and became very playable.

Modern Sonic comes with a spinner, which ACTUALLY HAS SOME ARTICULATION! That's Right, you can adjust the angles of the spinner's blades, and its color scheme is much more accurate to the game than motobug's. Part of me really wishes this thing could spin like a top and it looks like it could but it's just a little too top heavy for that. Modern Sonic is basically the same as any other 3 inch Sonic, except for the improved hip and knee joints I mentioned in my last Mighty Commission. The legs look good, but on mine they're a little loose and the knees can easily bend backwards by accident, I think this is an issue of individual QC rather than a flaw in the mold though.

Shadow comes with a mono Beetle, which is technically a GUN drone and not a badnik (I know that fact alone is off putting to some) but despite not having any articulation the sculpt and color scheme is pretty accurate, and it has a pretty good size, it's bigger than motobug and spinner and I think it's the closest to proper scale that any of the badniks have managed. There really isn't anything new to say about Shadow because he's identical to older figures, but is still quite solid, Shadow always felt most durable and stands well without a display stand.

Finally, Tails comes with a Sand Worm, it isn't articulated at all and is the biggest of the badniks, but conversely is also the one most out of scale in the line! Sand Worm is a really big badnik, and should be twice this size, but the detail of the sculpt and paint apps are wonderful...despite the fact he looks like a bunch of blue pokeballs stuck together. Again, nothing to say about Tails that hasn't been said before, he's identical to older releases.

Also, the price point is lower than I expected, each figure was only about $11 with taxes and stuff, which is cheaper than the standalone figures that DIDN'T come with badniks! Isn't THAT weird? Of course I don't actually plan on KEEPING most of these guys. Classic Sonic and all the badniks will remain with me, but the rest of them are going to be used to make customs for more people on my list, I KNOW at least a few of you are waiting for a figure that needs a Tails and Shadow base that I didn't have until now. Also, as for the commission cost, any customs using generations toys will be discounted $1 if you let me keep the included badnik (for these little ones anyway, I'm not sure if the larger ones such as egg pawns will affect the cost more.)
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