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why so much hate for The Grand Galloping Gala?

this is a post another artist made, on his view of The Grand Galloping Gala, THESES ARE NOT MY WORDS:

"So what happened at the Grand Galloping Gala? I mean, Applejack went there to earn enough money for Grannies hip and RainbowDash to interrupt with the Wonderbolts performance to show off.
I especially was confused that they implied that Pinkie Pie has been to the Gala once before, otherwise she wouldn't sing about hwo 'it is the best place for her'. However, Rarity, who SURELY seen what kind of party it is when she went designing sees a whole different type of party.
And nephew. wat.

So...WHAT HAPPENED?!? You can't just give these big motivations to the ponies to let them try to get that ticket, and when they all get one, to just ignore the motivations. OMG THE WRITING IS SO GOOD1!11
Well, yes, the writing is good. But *read below in Edit*
I loaded this up before episode 14 happened. I'm not sure how the continuity works now. It actually made me more confused.

Edit: My anger is formed because of my love for cartoons. I do not like that other cartoons are insulted when many people don't even watch those cartoons and go on telling me how good the writing is, when I just see a better-than-average show. You see, this artform is so important to me that I just can't handle any type of ignorance about it. Not ignorance as in 'I don't know/watch this show' but as in 'this show I didn't watch is so braindead!'.
I just want to take this show lighthearted and laugh about it while being amused about the 'clever writing'. But the praising just goes to far. And the fact that some people didn't give the previous generations a chance...and tell me how it is better when I know these shows aren't capable of comparisment....I grow so bitter."


"huh?, now there are a few episodes that I really hate, one being, "feeling pinky keen" (the amount of continuity errors in that episode is just awful but mostly I just hate pinky in this episode), but GGG was and still is one of my top three fave episodes, the musical singing was great, yes a bit nonsensical but still great, second: I realize that none of there dreams came true but thats because it's not a story book, picture perfect show, it's more about real life problems, and some times real life problems cant be solved as easily as in fairy tales, one of the things I like best about the show in the first place, Celestia herself said, "why of course it was no fun, the GGG always sucks, why do you think I invited you and your friends in the first place, I knew you would lighten things up"
so the Princess knew they would all have a terrible time and invited them any way simply for her own amusement, besides that, the whole episode had many cleaver jokes written into it.
in summery, script writers of MLP FIM seem more interested in entertaining the viewers than worrying about continuity, which is something I think I can live with."
PS~ more proof Celestia is a troll.

Now tell me what you think, you thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
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