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3 Topic Countdown Until Otakon Day 2!

Alrighty, folks!  Here's day two of my journal-a-day until Otakon.   Before I start talking, let me say that the Juicy Lucys that we made for dinner last night were... to quote Christopher Walken... "Un-f***ing-believable!"  We didn't cook 'em QUITE right, because the cheese wasn't lethally, explosively molten, but they were cooked enough to be a delicious, gooey, cheesy delight.

Okay!  Topic one of the day!   Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3.  Folks, not many of you may have heard of this game, and I don't blame you.  Sadly, it was SERIOUSLY underpromoted and unadvertised, compared to DWG1 and DWG2.  I knew it was coming out, but I hadn't known it was released until just the other day.  IT.  IS.  AWESOME.  Basically, characters from EVERY series of Gundam are in this one, including from series that have not been released in America yet (to my current knowledge), like V Gundam.  In addition, unlike previous games, the focus of story mode is NOT on the Universal Century, but on ALL the series.  There is one distinct combined plotline (somewhat similar to DWG1 and 2), but then each individual series has "Historical Missions" which follow their respective plots.  And this game is HUGE.  HUNDREDS upon HUNDREDS of missions, dozens of Gundams and Mobile Suits, and EVERY character can pilot EVERY mobile suit... provided you unlock it for them.  In other words, I'm going to be VERY busy with this game for a long while. X3  (Oh, for those of you who are curious, G Gundam is my favorite series.  Yes, it's silly, but that's the point.  It was a parody show.  "TAKE THIS!  MY LOVE, MY ANGER, and ALL OF MY SORROW!  SHINING FINNNNNGERRRR!!!"

Second topic:  The downfall of Borders.  Borders Books is closing, and this is one of the biggest tragedies I have ever had.  I grew up with a Borders nearby that CREATED my love of books.  With my local Borders closed, I can no longer get books as easily as I used to be able to.  If I want to go to a book store, I have to go considerably out of my way to a Barnes and Noble far away from where I live.  And I think we all agree that online shopping is NOT the same as walking around a book store, walking down aisles after aisles of lovely tomes.  I don't know what I'm gonna do, but this is gonna be hard for me.

Third Topic: Marvel Comics.  Considering I ranted about DC Comics last night, it's only fair that I rant about Marvel too.  While Marvel's movies are AMAZING, and I honestly can't complain about them in general (GOD, I can't WAIT for the new Spider-Man), I can quite easily complain about Marvel Comics.  I don't really need to say anything about Civil War, or One More Day (Aka, the worst travesty ever committed against comics fans of all time), but I can also complain about the general state of the Marvelverse...  The fact is, that I stopped reading Marvel years ago for two reasons.  First, it's just too f***ing pessimistic for a comic book universe.  Any universe where superheroes are viewed as being just as bad as the villains is not something I care to read.  Any universe where a murdering bastard like the Punisher is allowed to run around and called a "hero" is too dark for me.  The second reason is "Tie-in-itis."  DC suffers from that same disease recently with Flashpoint, but Marvel is a critical offender in making EVERY COMIC tie-in to another comic, so you can NEVER get a complete story... or better yet, a story that ISN'T involved with the massive epic story that's going on like the Super-Duper Infinite Secret Invasion Dark War 12.   It's one reason that the movies are so refreshing.  The heroes are HEROIC, the population LIKES the heroes, and everything is generally more optimistic.

Tomorrow, on a special special edition of the 3 Topic Countdown, I will give my opinion on three of the greatest arguments in Otakudom!  Batman vs. Superman...  Pirates vs. Ninja... and Mario vs. Sonic.  Rock on, folks!

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