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So I've been seeing a lot of migration in the fandom due to various reasons. I completely understand almost all of it, but it's still a little sad when someone leaves, even if I never particularly got along with that person.

So I propose a day of fanart. Let's be completely honest here, there's a lot of furry filth that we deal with as artists that is just completely unmerited. It's the internet, yadda yadda, whatevs. But how about giving something back? We get to see artwork for FREE, where just a little over a decade ago, good, high quality fur-art was something limited exclusively to private collections.

On August 31st, everyone should pick two of their favorite artists and make some appropriate fanart for them.

I say appropriate because I'm pretty sure there's people out there who think that a picture of their character humping someone else's face while they're sleeping would be an acceptable giftart. [Hint: Probably going with 'not so much' on this one.]

The reasoning? Get better at art. Everyone has people who they respect and inspire them. Why not actually DO something about it and learn to make your own art? Don't copy and don't trace.


1. Pick two artists. Make fanart by aug 31st.
2. Keep it clean unless that artist likes art of their character otherwise.
3. Don't be a fanboy. Its not about you. It's not about riding someone else's coattail.
4. If it doesn't look good enough, then try again next year. Whole year of extra practice!
5. If they don't say anything on your piece, move on (or if angry, just stop watching them). Don't Dwell. Don't pester.
6. Don't get wierd about this guys.
7. Don't ask for shipping info, just post and share a link. Asking for private details is a no-no.

Also, this is totally not about me. I don't expect anyone to give me giftart. I'm going to work on my own and hopefully finish it in time!
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Added: 7 years, 8 months ago
7 years, 8 months ago
Aug 31st is my birthday O:! I might do this...
7 years, 8 months ago
Awesooooome.  Spread it spread it !
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