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5 Days Until Otakon!  The Countdown Begins!

Okay, folks.  Five days until Otakon weekend, the three days of the year that make the other 362 days of misery bearable for me.  Tons of good geeky news going in, and I'm gonna be posting a journal every day to address three topics every day that I feel are important to talk about for the modern-day geek/nerd/otaku/whatever.

First off for today: The Juicy Lucy (or Jucy Lucy depending on who you talk to).  My family are HUGE fans of food shows of various kinds...  And every time a food show goes to Minneapolis, they focus on an intense food war going on between these two restaurants over a VERY special burger...  The Juicy (Jucy) Lucy.  It is a special type of cheeseburger where the cheese is cooked INSIDE the burger, and explodes out in a molten rush of goodness with every bite.   After WEEKS of seeing everyone from Anthony Bourdain to Adam Richman (the Man vs. Food guy) to Food Wars argue over which restaurant has the best Juicy Lucy, I HAD to try one, so we're makin' 'em tonight.  We made a bunch of different types, cheddar, mixed Mexican mix, blue-cheese and garlic...  Update tomorrow on how they were. >;3

Second topic: Captain America.  Instead of a full SS250 Review, I'll give a mini review for this today.  Go see it now.  It was awesome, and stay after the credits for the three minutes of sheer unbelievable kick*** that are hidden there.  I will mention that, despite being the biggest comic geek in the world, I have NEVER READ A CAPTAIN AMERICA COMIC!!! O_O;;;   I've read comics with Cap IN them, but never one that STARS Cap.  The movie was filled with fun references though, and I had a blast.

Third Topic: The New 52.  Oh dear god, what misery has DC decided to inflict upon its fans?  First, Flashpoint, which I've heard nothing but negative reviews about, then the idea of COMPLETELY REBOOTING THEIR UNIVERSE?  What about the 99% of fans who LIKE the old universe?  What about all the storylines in progress that just get cancelled?  What about the fact that looking down the list of new titles, only TWO of them look decent out of 52?  (Those two are GL: The New Guardians and Static Shock, for those interested in my opinion...)   And OH DEAR F***ING GOD, WHAT THE F*** ARE THE SUPERHEROES WEARING?!!!!  I mean, yes, Superman's new costume is AWESOME without the trunks, but WTF is up with Superboy and worse, Supergirl?  What the HELL were they thinking?!  And just to complete this pointless rant, I just hafta ask...  DC has some strange obsession with NEW readers.  WHY do they want NEW readers when 99% of their audience is OLD readers who have been nothing but faithful and taken all the abuse they're heaping upon us with bad story after bad story?  Once this happens, I am officially done with American Comics, forever.  I'm stocking up on manga at Otakon to keep me busy for as long as I can. >_>

Okay!  That's one day's worth of news and topics I've talked/ranted/blabbered about.  Three more topics tomorrow!  Rock on, folks! ^_^~<3
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