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Nerdypaws #5 this weekend

Hey you guys.

We'll be recording this weekend, either Saturday or Sunday night, and the topic is fandom animal stereotypes. What ones have you seen? What ones do you want us to talk about? We have a few suggestions already, and we'd like to include our listeners as much as we can so it's not just like listening to two gay guys laugh it up for 40 minutes. You get to hear your words coming out of our purdy mouths; how awesome is that?

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Added: 7 years, 12 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
What else am I going to post about besides wolves, lol...
Wolves (in the public eye) tend to be seen as viscious creatures that attack defenseless animals and eat farmers' livestock... this isn't true at all... Wolves are defensive creatures that defend their pack (family) and territory. They are one of the MOST friendliest and accepting animals in the kingdom. They do NOT eat livestock just to eat it. In fact, the only time wolves attack livestock for food is when they see the animal is sick and dying. So, technically, they save that animal the pain, and us the disease. They are the MOST loyal of the canines. A wolf will mate for life! Once he has tied his female for the first time, they are together. He will forgo any sexual activity with others in the pack and even with her if she is not in heat. He will commit himself to her and even after she dies, he will not be with another.

In the fandom, I have seen several stereotypes:
"Wolf Furries are very dominant/submissive!"   
  Not true, on anyside, and I have known plenty of people to disprove that. The "wolf" in us seeks for pleasure, in anyway possible, so, we are all different. Just like a wolf in a pack, You have the alpha and the beta: The Alpha will never back down to his "lessers" and has "control" over them and their pecking order, but he will defend them with his life. The beta is like his "first mate" and will pick up the alpha's duties should the need arise, as well as have a domination over his "lessers". Then you have the delta (i believe) and the omega: The delta is just passive, going with the flow of commands and not really seeking out his "dominance" but know's he has it. The omega is completely submissive. The counterpart to the Alpha. He will listen to anything told, and he tends to be construed as a coward, but is mostly in fact only trying to please others.

"Wolf furries tend to be ladykillers/maneaters"   
 I was shocked to see someone say this once, and even more so to see it a couple times after that day. I guess the wolf seen here comes from the idea of little red riding hood or the like in fiction? or maybe they way they hunt? But, not all people are the same, so not all aspects of a wolf are picked up by someone, not even the widely accepted fictitious ones.

"Wolf furries are the default! Everyone that has no idea how to create a fursona, has one"
 Well, might as well say canines and felines are the default if you are going to say that.  People adhere to a fursona for many reasons. Some people's reason may be because everyone is that species. Others may be because of the look of them. My personal reasons were because of what the wolf symbolizes. Loyalty, friendship, love, intelligence. i admire the qualities of wolves and would like to adhere to those myself.

All in all, with any stereotype, you can't apply it to all the people that have a belonging in the catagory you are talking about. Not one furson is the same, in any way. Yes, some people fulfill the stereotypes, but, isn't that how they were made in the first place? I mean, they got to be that way somehow.

Anyway, lookin' forward to the furcast Flynn, as always!

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