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Bastille day, Harry Potter 8 and Transformers 3 (spoilers)

Since the 14th was Bastille day, I didn't had to go to work so I have gone to see a fur who was dropping by my town. We cuddled and watched some stuff for a while. He made quite a special pizza, it was drowning under toppings. And he cuts it in little part, the cubby in me really liked that.

The next day we have gone to see Harry Potty 8. We were supposed to see it with peoples from my rpg club, but they were 15 minutes late, we had already gone inside to save good places. And they decided, while I knew it wasn't worth it, to see it in 3D while we were in the 2D one. So they started it 30 minutes later than ours. Ours that didn't started well with the screen being cut in half at the bottom. Took like, nearly 5 minutes to get someone to fix it, and they didn't started the movie back.

The movie was good, a bit slow to start. It has great action scenes and I must say I cried during the flashbacks / revelation part. Too bad Tonks and Remus get killed without much scenes (you can see Tonks' body being eaten by a werewolf shortly, but that all). They could really have used some scenes more than the useless stuff at the start.

Then we headed to the mall, we ate at the Waffle house (only one in the whole town, and he never heard of one anywhere else). He was surprised but enjoyed what was served there. We checked stores and he bought me a transformer (yeah !).

After all that we headed to see transformers 3 in 3D. The 3D wasn't worth the 1,3 $ it costed (it's 3$ if you don't have your own googles). It was a good movie, and I must say I didn't excepted the Sentinel Prime betrayal. It come at a surprise and I rarely got such surprises from movies like that. Many good scenes, but too many things makes little sense if you hadn't read the prequel comics (Shockwave, Brain, the new girl...). Soundwave sadly goes from being a great villain to a stupid henchman in thise movie, which is disapointing.

I heard they are planning a sequel, but with Megatron, Sentinel, Ironhide, Soundwave and Starscream dead, I wonder who is left to play in ? Notice a lots of Autobots are missing between this movie and the previous one, and also that Wheeljack and Mirage are renammed in the movie, but the movie only (they are Que and Dino, but they are called by their original names in the comic). It not really a good thing.
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