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LONG VACATION and AC (part 2)

*rubs his paws before he begin to typing* wow....still long write to go but I want to finish it before midnight! Dx

werefox I'm sorry, I forgot how we met on Thursday but I will write I met you on Saturday. :3 you will see, werefox. :3

Saturday morning, again 10am...I woke up and had breakfast with Boxice again. We had a long and nice chat in Westin cafe. Boxice, I still want to chat more with you ;)

After the breakfast, I went to Dealer Den...finally, there are less furries than Friday and I finally have a chance to say hi to aycee and geodbz love to see other furry who can signing! :3 *pokes to aycee* I love to see you signing too, that made my day. <3

Oh, furry parade time! Lucky, I changed to fursuit two hours before parade and met werefox he is deaf like me but he is come from Germany! He uses...eh...Dutch Sign Language (I think werefox, help me :3) to communication with me. I don't know his language but I understand him very well....Sign Language's special secret *winks winks* hehee. I was standing next to Werefox, chatting a lot before begin take a picture. Grr, there are one tall fursuiter standing in front of me! (same happen last year!) I moved left and closer to werefox, making sure I am visible for the cam! D:<

Finally! Camera time is over, we begin to parading....not really, we are waiting while front line is taking turn first, next, next and many next until us! We begin parading and waving at everyone (shamed on me...I missed malemwolf boxice and few other who was standing on left side while I was too focus on right side.) and you, Geodbz, are ignoring me!!! D: Just kidding. You just do your thing. xD

Reach at the end, I saw werefox was around 100 feet away from me...I guess I was walking too fast. (just waiting until next year....I will do better :3) And then met Boxice. Boxice, Werefox and I went to headless longue to have a good relax and fan winding over our body and head....drinking fresh water <3

We want to grabs some delicious food after parade, we did! Boxice, Malemwolf, Werefox and I went out Furendo again....I had buffalo chicken again. <3 Werefox and I had long and nice chat. I'm really enjoying and learning a lot from you! :3

Later at that night, we hit up at the zoo and malemwolf met cinnamonhunter she is very nice and she is very interesting to learn many sign language from us! Malemwolf is more than happy to teaching her. :3 Thank you, brother!

Blah blah, I can't remember after that night....guess zzz time!


Bad news, I can't remember what happen on sunday morning and afternoon but I remember night...so *passing time to sunday night*

Sunday night, we had a dinner at pizza with
, Boxice, Cinnamonhunter, Malemwolf, werefox (and other dragon....I can't remember his name D=) and I had a delicious hawaiian pizza! We ate all of it, filled our belly full. <3 I love pinapples and canada bacon! :3

After pizza time, boxice went up to room to grabbing some art supplies while malemwolf, cinnamonhunter (I will call you cinn....that's kill me to typing long word. :-P) and werefox. But werefox left to somewhere...I can't remember. And the tables in zoo is full, so we sat down on the floor. Somehow, the pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow....yes, Jack Sparrow from Caribbean Pirates (unlucky, not same actor)! He looks at us as we are using sign language, I guess he is interesting in sign language (SIGN LANGUAGE IS POWER!!!). So he sat down with us and talking to us with paper and pen. One girl came and gave a bag to Jack, he holds it and looks at me. I looked confused and very curious what's in the bag. Jack smiled and gave the bag to me, I opened and saw some papers and badge of human girl in blue dragon. It look familiar but didn't hit me yet. My brother is very curious, I gave it to him as he looked it up....then back to me. Then I gave it back to Jack, he looks back at the girl. This girl holds her hand, she look she want it back but.....Jack throw her bag far from her! You can't trust the pirate like him! hahaha! I can't help but laughed. One boy found the bag up and gave it back to the girl. My brain begin remember who is that badge I saw in the bag. That was sciggles!!! Then I saw a guy next to Sciggles, I figured it was dragoneer! But few other guys who sat with them...I don't know who. xD sorry, guys!

Werefox come back in his fursuit, I decided to join him as fursuit. We went outside, walking to the con center but the doors are closed and locked! So we went to the parking lot, trying the elevator but....that elevator didn't take us to con center! DAMN YOU, parking lot elevator!!! We saw other fursuiters who seeking other way to go into con center (not bridge that goes through westin hotel to con center) We followed them to other elevator that leaded us to con center! YAY! We walked to the stair that leads us to the top of con center.....that was very beautiful to see lights and, well, stuff....if you didn't been on top of con center, shamed on you. Anyways, Werefox and I decided that's time to go back to zoo to see our friends there. I met xtaintedredx again....and this time she was wearing the nurse suit from Silent Hill. She was toooooooo good! :3 We had a short but awesome chat. (I want to chat with you again someday!).

Night is getting late, we decided to go to room in one (or two) hour(s) before Zoo closed because we didn't want to get in long line. We hit snore time and next day....Malemwolf and I left at 10am morning....we wished we are staying there longer. T.T

Oh yeah, I forgot to add few thing....

lapinbeau I'm still waiting for your commission. :3

dbruin your commission is still very awesome and I'm very glad to have it from you! I would request a commission from you again :3

aycee reason why I love to teasing on you in and out dealer den because I want to see you smiles and being happy. :3 *hugs!!!!*

xtaintedredx yes, you! I want to chat with you and getting know you more! :3

One day after AC....my family left from our home to Branson, MO (yes....one day after we arrived, we had to washing our clothes from AC and re-packing for long vacation). We stopped at our lake cabin in Kimberly City (near to Branson West) and stayed there for three days. We went to swimming in the Table Rock Lake a lot. Boy, I got very tired quickly from swimming....I'm out of shape. T.T

Next and next day we repeated by swimming in the lake, had fun. After three days passed, we left to Arkansas to see my mom's sister. That's where my cell phone went dead zone (no internet nor wi fi....yes BIG X on my bars D: ) and stay big X while we were in arkansas. DAMN YOU, SPRINT!!! My brothers are using Verizon and their phone is working perfectly. T.T

Next day, we went to the river, had a good swimming and floating tubes. :3

We stayed there for one week before went back to lake cabin (finally, my cell phone come to work.....and whooooa, so many IMs and text! I'm sorry if I'm worrying you).

We stayed ther for few more days...My dad finally fixed the boat....that was one day before we had to come back to home. So, I had to used up all of energy I have left to do.......WAKEBOARD!!!!! <3 but bad news, I seem I losed few of my tricks. T.T I don't been wakeboarding for two years. I guess I have to practice again....Oh well.

Yestersday (july 12), we went back to home and....boy, I fell on the bed, very exhausted from long vacation and AC.

Now....I'm very exhausted from long writing. :-P

I know there are some grammar error but that will be nice if you help...a lil? :3

P.S. Sorry, Allan...I don't think I want to be part of sides anymore because there were one who tried to pressing me to figure who was harassed you in AC. I really don't want to be part of it because I'm no witness. We are still friends but I can't stand besides you and fighting against drama anymore.
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Added: 7 years, 7 months ago
7 years, 7 months ago
Long was right! Glad you had fun :3
7 years, 7 months ago
thank you :3 *hugs*
7 years, 7 months ago
*hugs* I understand, Wake. I just want to know if anyone saw it when it happened. I mean COME ON, the Zoo was FILLED with people. :P
7 years, 7 months ago
yeah thank you for understand ;3 *hugs*
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