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Imprtant Disscusion: A few topics...

I wanted to start off saying DAMN!!!!!! I WANTED TO GO TO ANTHROCON SO BAD!!!!! :(
But moving on.... *ahem*

There has been a recent mishap in this delightfull little place we call reality and that is trolling. his nonsence of "trolling" has no real purpose and to be honest on my fur facebook account im am constantly trolled for the whole "Your a human not an animal fur fag" and as all of you probly know that gets really annoying. SO.... i say when it comes to all this enough with this trolling shit.

The next topic i would like to adress would be the YIFF factor. I dont just go around yiffing (however the rest of the stereotypes say we do.) And the fact that people have actually asked me how MANY people have i yiffed is almost an insult. i only will if their my mate and they are comfortable with it ok people? Thankfully no one on here has done that to me yet so i thaught id catch someone if they were going to ask to just say I wont respond. I only am 17 after all.

And i would like to send out my concern for other furr's my age or younger to be carefull at school. Being a furry is a sensitive topic with a lot of people in society so i would not advertise it around school. I have a furiend at school (they are also an artist on FA) and they are mocked. an i dont want to see anyone else suffer like that. I am far from saying dont be a proud fur. but for your safety in high school. i dont beleive advertising to be the best idea.

And ill finish with a question. when did MLP become a fur fandom base? im just wondering because i think its  out of the norm. Sonic was debatable until someone explained (Thank you Frostcat) so can someone explain the whole MLP thing?

A very Proud Fur
~Frostcat Jr
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
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