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Wrist Problems.


Problem solved. =D

(This is a joke by the way. I'm fine, my wrist is fine, and my wrist and I are still attached. Just found this funny and relevant.)

Also, I gotta do a drastic change in my artistic schedulizational approach. (made up words ftw). I'm sitting on my ass too much doing nothing or just BS. I gotta start working on stuff I need to work on so I can at least attempt a job soon. This just really means less porn/fanart/etc. Gotta focus on more original stuff as well, clients tend to like seeing new things. This doesn't mean no porn - no no no. I can never stop porning. Ever. When I'm 80 years old working for some mega studio somewhere, I'll still be making porn. (As creepy and unsettling as that is =D)

However I *need* a schedule now. I've proven to myself that I cant work with freedoms. I need restrictions. So, I'ma plan myself now. These are just to prioritize what I focus on during these days

Sun-tues: Porn, sketchmissions, commission work, etc.

Thurs-sat: Eli, studies, portfolio thingies I can do.

Wed: whichever I feel like doing then.

That should be good. This will never work, but I can at least try =D Im posting this for yall just cause I'll be streaming most of the time, as usual, and this is just to let yall know what to expect.
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Added: 7 years, 7 months ago
7 years, 7 months ago
Figures you'd start this new schedule with a long stretch of porn days. >=|  Naughty bunny.
7 years, 7 months ago
I know what you mean about not getting work done on stuffs. =x I need to really haul ass here soon. o.o;
7 years, 5 months ago
I know the feeling.  I should be working on something pretty much every waking hour, considering how much I have to get done, but as it stands I spend way too much time just chilling, browsing galleries, reading comments, and replying to them and such, lol

Though I suppose some of that is conducive to my business, but the greater part of it is just a distraction.

I'm a little weird myself, but I actually find the prospect of a successful 80 year old animator still drawing cartoon porn delightfully whimsical.  It's the kind of thing which would actually restore my faith in humanity.   I'm surprised there isn't a lighthearted comedy featuring such a person.  Half the jokes could be reaction shots by people sneaking peeks at his sketchbook, flipping it sideways for a better view, and then hastily excusing themselves.
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