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Omg wonderful news

GREYHOUND FOUND MY BAG!!!! yup its true. I called Pittsburgh hoping my bag was there with no luck. then the baggage man looked up my info and told me to call Columbus, OH. When i called there, they recognized my bag and shipped to to Greensboro within 48 hours. when i went to go pick it up and the man brought it to me, I shouted out in a cute childish cub voice MY BAG :)! YAY I MISSED YOU SOO MUCH AND YOUR NEVER LEAVING Y SIDE AGAIN!

One of the guys waiting for his bus ROFL and said i sounded like i hit the lottery, but i didn't care I was soo happy i got my bag back, I wanted to celebrate, but i has no moneys. Luckly this lady was giving away crackers and juice and i had that to celebrate. All my clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste, plus my badges are all here and i will post my badges up on Fa for all to see and love.^^

the second thing is my mom is doing much better and is approved for stem cell transplant which will cure her cancer. that doesn't happen till next year, but the good news is there's hope for my mom. She's been in the hospital due to a low immune system and pneumonia for the past few days and in and out of the hospital for a few months, but the good news is she coming home tomorrow. The only thing that's a downer on that is shes so fucking stubborn and doesn't like to listen to me when im trying to take care of her. plus she acts like a child sometimes and throw tantrums and cries when she doesn't get what she wants even though she pays the consequences for her stubbornness and she tells me im treating her like crap when all im doing is trying to take care of her and be a good son-_-. yeah it gets hard, but i do lover her and have to take care of her.
Another thing is she says one thing and will do the complete opposite. its like she lies and doesn't like to be called on her lies. its like she doesn't practice what she preaches. On the good side she does keep telling me every once in a while that I'm a good son and thanks me for taking care of her even though she has been a total bitch sometimes which makes me smile.

got the house clean for her so when she comes home she'll be happy

Oh yeah she loves embarrassing me on Skype calls with my friends and says things like and i quote :son its time for u to have sex" "you need to get laid" or "Watcha looking at son, let me see I might be horny to" and her personal favorite new actual rule she has for me now :Son you are not allowed to move out of the house until you have sex with a girl" >////////////////////////////<

Imagine my reaction to those statements and me being a shy cub, plus my friends reaction to that. O_O MOM?!!!! + O//////////O= major freak out.

but hey that's my mom for ya :P
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Aha! Push to talk is a lifesaver, sometimes.
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