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Kitty Cat Update: Present Ramblings

This past week has been eventful to say the least.  My family came to visit my mother for her retirement after working for twenty-seven years.  It was also the first time seeing everyone's next to kin after a couple of years of being away.  Oddly enough my younger sister says that I'm great with children and should take a profession of that.  Unfortunately due to being a furry in a mainly paranoid society I don't want the risk winding up in jail for false accusations down the road.

Another interesting fact is that my brother has managed to buy a big house in Florida.  For the most part I've been batting a thousand still when it come to jobs.  Even though there may not be as much change in Florida, it'll give me a chance to fully start over with literally everything except for my relationship with Blazger.  That will never change.  But my thing is that recently things are on the wavy side personally.  I'm not sure weather to keep going, take a break, stop all together...I mean everyone in my family fully succeeded but me.

Granted I'm not completely discouraged about it.  I'm glad that my family is having the time of their lives and having if not planning to start a family of their own.  It's just that for now, I believe that no matter what I do or how much I try, nothing is going to change.  I'm not going to land anything, I won't own anything cool that I can call my own that I've fully bought.  I think that all the things that I'm capable of doing to progress has been fully taken away from me for good.  All I can do is just be around for company and make sure that everyone is happy, including myself of course.  It'll take a while, but I'll be back to my silly self in no time.

I do have some good news though.  Seems that my roommates has managed to get a PS3 now.  Of course we don't have any games yet.  I did, however, created my own PSN account.  The account name is frostnyo I've also downloaded Home and it wasn't too bad.  I'm just disappointed that it didn't have any Klonoa items, flame designs for clothes, or any ice themes to the "My Spaces" area.  

Another thing to mention if anyone is interested.  Remember Dungeon Fighter Online?  It seems that they have changed a couple of things to it now.  There a new Thief class as well as detailed explanations on leveling up and so fourth.  Now to mention BETTER MUSIC!!!  Finally I won't fall asleep to boring elevator music that's suppose to be good for a fighting game.  If anyone can give me some good pointers I am FrosttheCat Lv. 24 Slayer.  (btw, it's a free play game but it take a good couple of gigs to install.)

So that's pretty much all for now.  I'll probably come up with something for the next "Who Are You?" character descriptions for my forms.  Though it may take some time to think of a good intro for Frost Trot. So be on the lookout for those soon -nyo.

*pouncing on DFO*

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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
Congrads on the PSN account, I'll send you a friend request there tomorrow, my ID is GamingBird.
8 years ago
Hm.. I'll ask to see if Wuffamute is done with any games, and if he is I can see about sending them to you. Can't just have a PS3 with no games to play on it. =/
8 years ago
I've got assassins creed for the ps3 and I never play it.
8 years ago
See i honestly wont touch a PS3 due to my siding on the SONY vs Microsoft stuff due to this i wont have a PSN account but congrats anyway! Now the Dungeon Fighter online I have never heard of but will deffinetly have to check that out. Once again send my personal congrats to your brother and the whole "Good with Kids" bit is true. My Younger brother and Sister think your amazing. And i really wish you were wrong about the whole "Mainly stereotyped/Paranoid" community. Beleive me i end up with a brunt of it from anywhere in general. Admitedly I am not too predjudiced but have my moments as everyone does but the fact that we tend to be treated like the plague and even made fun of on a live news cast (if you ask ill send a copy). But yeah in short... I HEAR YAH! XP
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