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...A question..

Hello people, Bootz the Alley Cat here...for those of you who know me sit down and listen a while, for those who don't...well you're about to. To some people I'm kind of a rambling idiot to some...some more than others..while to some I'm just a temperamental child who can't go five minutes without cursing someone or something out and just wants to drag on a subject till I get my ill-thought out point across...that's what I get most of the time, mainly from people who don't know me. It hurts a bit more though when people you know see you as these things...when the people you know just expect you to just lash out and go at them just so they can hold something against you and hold it as a one up on the other...yeah...that shit hurts... When faced with this shit...one just asks... "What should I do?"

Should I just sit back and let them keep doing it?

Do I put on a front like I'm just some jackass who thinks who's better than everybody else when in reality I'm just a social coward?

"What should I do?"

What would happen if I were to be some guy who really didn't care for what other people thought?

If I didn't care what people though does that make me emotionless?

Aren't we all just self conscious when it comes to other peoples opinion?

"What should I do?"

Why do we even bother being self conscious around the internet?

Does that make me an internet tough guy?

Should I just pose as some internet tough guy or troll to vent out my frustrations because nobody bother to understands me?

"Seriously, what should I do?"

Do I accept my roll as the asshole who can't go without cursing for more than five minutes?

Do I just give up trying to prove that I'm an actual human being just like everybody else who's a furson/person/robot or whatever they wanna be on FurAffinity or InkBunny?

What does it matter that one person decides to judge you for past experiences?

Better yet why the hell should they be the ones to judge when they're barely active as it is?

And for that matter why do they get to be the ones who decides which opinion/site/pic/ect. is better in their eyes?

"What should I do?"

Should I just troll out? Posting pics of the "U Mad" sign up just to annoy people I don't know? Seriously?

Should I let one person who wants to be some prick get the better of me and let them have their way because life doesn't give them what they want because everything they get is nothing but poetic justice and karmedic backlash?

Should I just stay quiet because some people can't do anything more than complain about they're life is crap when there's children starving in Guatemala? What if those emo kids really DO have it bad putting up a false false sense of security

Do I just sit back and laugh when someone decides to make a stupid internet joke towards something that's generally good but people ruin it because nobody can stand anything beautiful or just can't stand to see something with actual effort other than a few squiggly lines?

What would happen if I decide to play the crusader who said "Hey c'mon he put a lot of effort into that?"

Would I get praised?

Would I get laughed at?

Would I get mocked?

"Really, what should I do?"

What if I joined in on said trolling?

What if I decided it was funny?

What if I demeaned something made with effort into something that people will laugh at?

Would I get famous for it?

Would people laugh with me or at me?

"What should I do?"

"Really what should I do?"

What if I suddenly just decided to be a prick?

Would I get laughed at?

Would people see right through my big but thin shell of a front?

"What should I-.....wait....did I just do an entire fucking NIKE comercial?

......mother fucker....

So yeah...what should I do?

....Meh I'll just keep doin' mah thang and just be like "H8ters gonna H8t".....yeesh...evil net speek is evil...x__x

Heh, so yeah. My little vent journal turned into a parody journal X3 God I love and hate how my mind works ^^;;
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Added: 7 years, 8 months ago
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