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Phoenix's Flight

Not too long ago in the middle-east somewhere a lone excavator had stayed a bit too late trying to unearth something he had yet to fully comprehend. WIth every careful stroke of his brush he became enraged, and yet he couldn't tear himself away. He was in an agonizing pain becoming filled with fury and an overwhelming compulsive urge to unmask his discovery. This went on for quite some time. Day in and day out he became split and torn inside his own head. Thoughts no longer reachable, actions no longer his own. Simply bound. Right before the man finishes his last brush stroke, his body finally collapses due to a lack of water. As the man falls as luck should have it his curly thick jew fro completed his final stroke. Before his head hits the floor the man burst into a fiery column.  The flames twisted and turned with a sparkling brilliance. Within the flames emerged this mans inner peace. As peace turns into calm and the mans concious state comes back into full view the man realizes he is no longer bound by this tedius task and is now thankful it happened. His chains are broken and they lie upon the floor.  'Hm, this could work.' he thought to himself. That day a phoenix was born. The pure spirit of freedom, with the care to overlook the enitire flock.

         'Hm what now,' the phoenix thought to himself. 'I could go to my parents house to inform them that, I don't know, I died or something. Nah, that would just leave furthers questions. I'll just fly around for a bit.' Taking a wide left turn Zethra glances upon his new feathers. 'Daaam shawtie lookin' fine.' He was ornately decorated with a mutitude of colored feathers. His tail outsurpassed his feet and came to a fluffy curly bob. Wing span the length of a bus. The most graceful bird to ever hit the skies he was. Effortless movement, impossible speeds. Which was all quite new to the Phoenix due to the bird's less than graceful past life. With the gift of sight the phoenix flew above the clouds paying close attention to the plethora of beautiful creatures of all types below him. A great flame flew through the skies that night leaving many to be baffled as to what was the cause. However, the birds knew, they felt a shiver go through their spine the moment their leader first took flight.

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