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Making part 2 of that koopa fanfic...

A bad fanfiction about a koopa and a yoshi by Tai

So should I make part 2?

It was going to be with a certain shyguy but he said "Oh god fucking damnit Tai my characters aren't into that kind of thing." So I need a different character now.

Death might happen but Multiple lives will kick in because its a Mario Fic.

Also a Vote

Dave X Giga Bowser
Dave X A different Yoshi
Dave X Fuck it use that character anyways
Dave X Davesprite from Homestuck (I'd do normal Dave but TOS)
Dave X [your fursona here] (3 dollars for this one, It won't be as silly though)
Dave X Inkbunny in Pony Form
Dave X A bricked Nintendo Wii
Dave X Toad's Hat
Dave X A /b/tard (includes transformation so the victim counts as furry)
Dave X Garuu
Dave X Giga Bowser X Davesprite X Toad's Hat X Garuu X A very unfortunate Llama (5 dollars total to make this happen, it will be at least 2000 words.)

So vote for my next "Oh god damn it Darrk this is why I'm glad you left the furry fandom" Fanfic
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
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