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Software Updates, Being Anonymous, Easy Money

We managed to get a nice assortment of features and bug fixes finished this week.

Character Sheets are probably the most interesting addition. It's a brand new feature and we're still in the process of making it look sexy. Please try it out and give us feedback. Full details about the updates are at the end of this journal.

Being Anonymous

There's a useful feature about buying and selling through Inkbunny that many people probably don't know about. Unlike selling through Paypal, with Inkbunny you can remain totally anonymous. Buyers and sellers can control what personal and contact details others can see. You don't have to give out your real name and address to customers or artists to buy and sell with us.

Even when items are being shipped to you, Inkbunny takes your details, processes and ships print orders directly. The artist never sees your personal details.

The only contact details customers and buyers share are the ones made public on the user profiles.

Normally, the artist will see the customer's Inkbunny account name as the buyer, and that is all. But customers can be totally anonymous if they wish. They can add items to their basket, and then log out and buy as a Guest. So the artist just sees "Guest" as the buyer.

If you use Alertpay through Inkbunny, only Inkbunny staff see your Alertpay details when you pay for items or when we send you money made on sales.

Easy Money - Where are those portfolios?

Of course Inkbunny is mainly about free art. A bare fraction of items here are for sale. But those few items for sale are very important to us! It's the only way we get the money to run the site, and to continue development. So we focus a lot of attention on sales in site news.

Our top selling items are all Portfolios.

It takes about 30 minutes to get a ZIP archive of your work together and make it into a digital portfolio. Make a nice cover image to upload as the preview and you have yourself an instant item for sale! Portfolios are always of great interest to your followers. Fans like being able to download a simple archive of an entire year of their favorite artists' work. And you can even spice it up with some unseen artwork or behind-the-scenes sketches and other goodies.

Be sure to price it sensibly! It's a good idea to charge less than you would for a real printed art CD. Cheaper prices means more sales. Customers are even happy to buy work they can download free elsewhere, if the price is right and they can get it here and now. It's nice to support the artist and to have the "real thing" direct from the source.

It's so easy to make and upload portfolios, that we wonder why so few of you have tried it so far! It's certainly meant a lot less competition for the ones that have given it a go, and some artists have made hundreds of dollars in sales already. We're just a little site with a lot of growing to do, so sales are only going to increase with time.

Here's an example of how some of the most successful and best looking portfolios on IB are presented! I trust you all have your ratings and blocked keywords set so I don't have to warn you about the content and themes here.

[largethumb]13498[/largethumb]        [largethumb]10347[/largethumb]

[largethumb]9010[/largethumb]        [largethumb]11424[/largethumb]

[largethumb]11979[/largethumb]        [largethumb]11453[/largethumb]

[largethumb]8009[/largethumb]        [largethumb]12597[/largethumb]

The more work that everyone buys and sells on IB, the more the site will grow and the more members it will attract. So please make an effort, even if sales start off slowly at first. Having a bigger variety of things attracting customers to the site will help get things moving!

Getting more uploads of free art onto IB is just as important! Please add more of your art archives when you have the time. It's the easiest way you can help make Inkbunny grow. Use the Bulk Uploads feature to make the job easier!

Updates for Version Beta 23

* New Feature - Character Sheets. There is a new submission type called Character Sheet that lets you assign a set of standard details such as Name, Age, Gender, Species, Description, History, Family, etc. These fields all display under the uploaded files in the submission, allowing you to turn any submission into a multi-image character sheet. Character Sheets have their own gallery which is accessed from a link at the top of your user page once you have at least one Character sheet.

You can set existing submissions as a character sheet by going to the Edit Details link at the top of the submission, and choosing Character Sheet as the type. To enter in your character details, you then need to go to the Edit Character Sheet link that appears at the top of the submission once the type is set.

If you upload a new submission as a character sheet, the character details page appears right after the submission details page in the upload wizard.

The adult section in character details will only appear for members that have adult ratings (for sexual themes) turned on.

* New Feature - Download Latest version of your purchased files. When an artist updates a file you purchased, you will see an "Updated" message in your New Submissions gallery. If you go to your Bookshelf, you will see that a "Download Latest" link appears next to submissions that have newer versions of files added since you purchased them. Note that the "Updated" label in New Submissions will also appear when the artist has updated the preview file.

* The "File is big enough for print" suggestion message can now be hidden per submission, rather than it sitting there taking up room being annoying, reminding you forever and ever even when you never plan to sell that submission as a print. Just click the new hide link at the end of the message.

* You can no longer accidentally hide submissions from yourself if you set them Adult but don't have Adult ratings turned on for your user account.

* New optimised versions of the backgrounds have been added to suit more standard screen sizes, so some of you might notice you get a better view of the background now. We don't allow the browser to do this dynamically via javascript or CSS because browsers are bad at scaling images without serious quality loss. It also saves data to send you exactly the right background sized for your monitor.

* Fixed a bug that allowed thumbnails of Non-public submissions to show in some gallery modes, which would show as thumbnails with blue warning circles over them. The actual submission was never accessible so it would have just given members an error message if they clicked those thumbnails.

Thank you, everyone!

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Added: 11 years, 10 months ago
Site News Item: yes
11 years, 10 months ago
The anonimity sounds good. I guess it's crucial with all the drama and ranting that surrounds furry art.
11 years, 10 months ago
Yeah, some people like to be discreet especially when adult material is involved. :3
11 years, 10 months ago
I continue to be surprised by the amount of continual work that's being put into this site. :)
11 years, 10 months ago
11 years, 10 months ago
I have a 1920-wide screen, and was always thinking, "gosh, these huge backgrounds sure look nice on my screen."

Now I am treated to ugly grey bars on the side.

On a lighter note:
 You can no longer accidentally hide submissions from yourself if you set them Adult but don't have Adult ratings turned on for your user account.

Thank you, I was pretty damn confused when I did that to myself the other day.
11 years, 10 months ago
There shouldn't be gray bars! Oh what's your exact screen res? It should fit the background precisely to the window when you have it maximised to the screen. :o Could ya send me a screenshot too? :3
11 years, 10 months ago
My screen is 1920 by 1080. Up-to-date FireFox.

Edit: And I did clear my cache and refresh. Still grey bars.
11 years, 10 months ago
Ahh yup, I just found a bug in the resizing script when the aspect ratio of the monitor doesn't match the original aspect ratio of the image. Fixing! Should have it sorted out soon.
11 years, 10 months ago
Okay please refresh the page and let me know how it looks now!
11 years, 10 months ago
Much better, thank you.
11 years, 10 months ago
Very cool! I've already played with the character sheet. I think it could use a little bit of tweaking, I'll chat with you later about it. =3
11 years, 10 months ago
Questions about Purchased files:

When you update a file you have set for sale, will the person that bought it previously be able to download the old version, and the new version, or simply the newer version?

I ask this because someone could effectively remove the artwork they had previously left available by "Updating" it to just a single image. This would probably piss off some people that wanted to go back to download the whole thing, if their local copy was lost.

Along the same lines, is it possible for an artist to pull the work they previously had for sale? As a buyer of said work I would be a bit dismayed if I no longer had access to it in my bookshelf.

Taking it a step further though, in the event that someone sells something that isn't there's, do you guys have plans in place to cover these sorts of things.

And, my apologies if these random spurts of thought come at odd times and as replies to odd journals, if you'd prefer a different method, please just let me know =)
11 years, 10 months ago
If you buy a digital submission, and the artist deletes the submission, it remains on your bookshelf and you're still able to download it.

I had that happen to me.  I bought two single image downloads, and the artist deleted those as he bundled those two images with a third for another sales submission.  I can still download the individual images, even though they're deleted and no longer for sale.

As for people selling stuff that they have no rights to, I believe it was said that the submission would be deleted and any sales would be refunded.  I think the user would be banned, but I don't know that for sure.  But I'm pretty sure the submission and sales file would be deleted permanently and sales refunded.  Starling would be able to clarify a bit more than me.

EDIT: I just looked at my bookshelf, and the Download link has been renamed Download Original, so I'm guessing that if the sales file is updated, you'll have a Download Latest link and a Download Original link.  But I don't know that for sure.
11 years, 10 months ago
If that's the case then that's the best I could hope for on all fronts ^_^

Thanks for some clarification =)
11 years, 10 months ago
Yeah, pretty much what Zeikcied said! You can always download the old and newest versions of a file you purchased.

Anyone caught impersonating artists to rip them off and make money will be banned and their personal details may be handed to the artist to help with legal action.

Anyone selling stuff without permission (like commissions etc) may also be banned and other action taking depending on the severity of the offense, although usually that kind of thing is a misunderstanding rather than deliberate fraud.

In all those cases the money is refunded to customers and the the offender doesn't make a cent. This is partly why we have the two week delay on payouts.
11 years, 10 months ago
Makes sense :]
11 years, 10 months ago
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