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The *Real* FievelJ

Young that is.

Thanks For Looking... :D

Fieve.. ;)
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
Replying to my own journal.
I outa place in that image... I did re-edit Pedo-Bear into that one certain photo.

Fieve... ;)
8 years ago
8 years ago
You are so cute.x3 Pedo Bear is creepy, though.3:
8 years ago
A lot of work, till it was all done. Being able to place Pedo-Bear behind, or in from of me, isn't the easiest thing to do.
Clipping primary characters is key, so that I can place Pedo-Bear anyplace I want him. I have a notepad now, and use a pen.
I don't use a mouse at all anymore. So there's things I could actually add easier, to make things even more creepy.
I would never do it to any other photos, just mostly my own.
I actually wanted to take that duck out somehow, and replace it with Pedo-Bear looking like he's sniffing at mah pants.

It was fun in sorts though... also, using ImageReady and old PhotoShop 7, didn't help me add things, I could easily do using PhotoShop CS5

It was still fun, once I got things ready.
I'll have to look to see if I have any of the ready stuff around anymore... revisiting some of that would be cool.
So would adding mah buddy to some of my child photos. More like really cool. It would be neat to have Fievel in some of them with me.

Fieve. ;)
8 years ago
"I actually wanted to take that duck out somehow, and replace it with Pedo-Bear looking like he's sniffing at mah pants."
Aha-ahahahahahahaha, your sicko.x3
8 years ago
I'll do almost anything with photos of myself, but not of anyone else. LOL.
Found the original, and replaced Pedo-Bear, with a Fievel eating ice cream from An American tail 3.
He's facing the same way I am, standing behind me.
Colors and contrast as what DaddyDuckyBE is saying, I do to help me split the layers. I preserve the original as much as possible, even if I have to have 9 layers just to do so. Carefully slicing around (ME), and sometimes even making me a layer of my own. I could that way, place something together with mixed ages of just me, in the same photo.
But easy it is not. If you really want it looking real good, you'll also blow up the image, as you work on it.

Sicko... lol and placed x3 afterward.

I'll upload that pretty soon, to one of my free google sites. ;)

8 years ago
Let's say I have SOME experience in photo editing from more than 15 years of copy-pasting dicks to certain crotches, and make them look real to the original pix by also manipulating colors, contrast, and blurring the edges more! ;)
8 years ago
Doing some mild stuff, okay.
But when I'm placing things into photos of myself, I would rather none sexual, but hinting toward it at once.
As in, I would rather not slice apart the front of my pants, then stick a little boy boner there.
But having Pedo-Bear looking like he's sniffing me, I would do.
I don't got the most excited look on my fact to start with, as it almost looks like that duck is trying to peck at me little penis there anyway.  Oops... little?

Fieve... ;)
8 years ago
Eak! For certain reasons, it almost doesn't seem like I should upload
this one. How bout I just don't explain why,, and leave it at that.
8 years ago
Don't tell me I've given you ideas! XD

But anyway, was just meaning to say you coulda outsourced the linked work to me, woulda been less of a hassle for you.
8 years ago
Pedo-Bear and Duck. JPG November 20 2010
Would have started it in October of 2010.
Pedo-Bear-Likes-My-Sister copy Same date, probably just the conversion date.
Pedo-Bear-Likes-My-Sister PSD Monday, September 13, 2010, 3:22:43 PM -
Monday, November 01, 2010, 1:58:36 AM

Date Stamped the same. Times
6:52:46 End, nearly the same. 1:58:35
Probably according to the date and time stamps, I was working on em both at the same time.
By the look of the property stamps of most of these, I started them all around the same time.
We started chatting a lot sometime after FA's Ban on Cub Porn. We were watchers of each other I believe, but hadn't really chatted much. So ahm, these PhotoShop edits were pretty much already finished. And I realized as I started a new? Not really a new one, that I had already started working on one, I began working on.
Lately, I haven't started working on anything new. I still have the Tails and Raving Raichu 5 story to work on.
And then it's off to number 6
Sometime after 6, Miles Tails complains about pain in his anus. It's both itchy and it hurts. This is because his anus is healing from being ripped a little. Mommy tells Daddy she's taking him to the doctor. The doctor takes a good look at his anus, and quickly determines someone has roughly placed their penis into it. Mom is over the point of pissed, but keeps her cool... because she knows daddy will flip out worse.
The true reason Miles Tails's ass is ripped so badly, is because as they were working on anal sex, Raving Raichu gets overly excited, and halfway rapes Tails. Tails actually does ask him to stop at one point, at least up till his body is liking it, which doesn't take very long. Raving causes bleeding, which they both later dismiss as being minimal damage.
The poop they used as lubricant which tails himself pooped out, mixed with (Who Knows What) down at the stream they went to... to get away with this.. (Tails's Secrete) idea.
He was scheming this in his head. I do not even tell the audience this, this way, they are as surprised as the other character in the story. Of course I'll probably explain this a little later. Where I am now, is Raving fucking the shit outa Tails, literally.
But a lot of it was Tails's idea, but neither of them planned to have Raving get into a raping mood.
Of course, Miles Tails does spit his load. Raving spits his up Tails, poop and all, as Tails wanted to be pooping when Raving shoved it up there. He himself is the one who shoved it up there, in the middle of still pooping.
They get finished a little later, and then rinse off in the overflow. They then play in the pond on the other side of the dam, both to play, and to finish rinsing off.
Later part 6, they hit the shower, have a snack, and then Raving gets the idea for a more comfortable fuck.
Much more mellow for the last fuck before mommy finds out. Raving does it with him in bed, and even does well to stick it in there, with nearly no pain, besides what he did to Tails earlier. Both having diapers on, they only pull down the back of Tails's diaper enough, to fuck him. This time, Tails's semen goes into a diaper.
Running outa characters.
Anywho, that's what's to come, by the end of weekend.

Fieve... ;)
8 years ago
Uhhh...are you meaning to say that our YIM talks about your life inspired you to do those photo edits?
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