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Sonic inspired my life. I been with him for 20 years, and I plan on being with him for the next 20 and beyond! Happy B-Day Sonic!

Sorry I didn't do any special artwork, guys, but I think you'll agree that the Freeworld work will be well worth it.
So we been teasing art for you guys for a while now. But now I officially unviel: Freeworld! http://freeworld.sonicremix.net
So, in a fit of awesomeness, I camped out on Twitter when this tweet comes in about 12:45 AM my time from Yuji Naka's Twitter:




Someone on Sonadow Online asked if I met Jun Senoe while I was at Sonic Boom. And my answer was, although I wanted to meet him, meeting and talking with my friend Svend Joscelyne took higher priority. Musical heroes are awesome, but friends are legendary.


I got videos, audio, and pictures of the Sonic Boom event posted up on SonicRadio.net if you guys wanna see it.

The Sonic Boom event...well, check out TSSZNews.com for most of the updates concerning that. The story I wanna tell now started 11 years ago.

Back in 1999, I owned a website called SonicTeam.com.

What, don't believe me? ARCHIVE.ORG! http://web.archive.org/web/19990508013026/http://sonic... http://web.archive.org/web/19991013111635/http://sonic... http://web.archive.org/web/20000301050444/http://www.s...

Now back then, the only thing people knew was that SonicTeam.com was a fan site (and a crappy one at that).

So one day, in March of 2000, I came home from school, and found this box sitting in the hallway. I opened it up, and it was FILLED with Sonic Adventure plushies...and a letter. This letter: http://www.sonadow.com/Proof.jpg

Can you imagine how excited I was?! A letter from the creator himself! So naturally I e-mailed him back, saying 'YES'. Hell I didn't ask for anything in return; I'm not one of those people who demands money from the creator of my hero! (As a matter of fact, I was glad they didn't sue me, like SEGA did to AJ Freda/SSNTails over SegaSonic.net) So after working with Keith Palmer of Sonic Team USA to get the deal closed out (Getting forms notarized for proper transference of the domain from me to them), they sent me a WHOLE bunch of plushies and toys as a way of saying thank you. People have seen the sea of  plushies.

Now here we are. June of 2011. It's been over 11 years folks, since those fateful days. I was at Sonic Boom, talkin with Sonic Retro staff, when I saw HIM. Yuji Naka and the Sonic Team were there, checking out the venue. I had the letter with me, and I followed after him, until I had his attention by flat out handing him the letter. I didn't know what to say at the time, because of language barriers, and i was shaking. BADLY. I was that excited and nervous. I took the letter, and he and his team looked over the letter for a bit, before he realized who I was. They started talking more excitedly in Japanese to each other, before Mr Naka actually pulled out his camera and wanted his picture with ME!!! Then he and the rest off the Sonic Team shook my hand and thanked me. (Pix or it didn't happen: http://yfrog.com/h01ugxagj )

So there you guys have it. An AWESOME night for me. Sure, there was a LOT more of the event that I loved, but that was top of the list.


Alright gang, I wanna try opening commissions, while I'm working on my projects. So here are the package deals. Note that all prices are in American dollars. Also, for sketches, I can't do less than 5 sketches, due to impracticality of sending money less than $5:

Sketches = $5 for five sketches, $1 for additional sketches - sample

Cleaned up and Shaded pencil drawing = $5 - sample

Colored Pencil/Marker picture = $10 - sample

Digital art = $20 - sample

Add $5 to be mailed a physical copy of the art.


Special Package Deal:

Get a 8.5" x 11" full color printed, digital art piece, plus a poster sized piece 17" x 22", plus the original sketch copy.

Price = $50

(This deal is only good on clean art)


Comic Packages:

All deals below require that customer provides script.

Comic page, B/W manga style = $10 - sample

Comic page, animation color style = $20 - sample

Comic Cover, digital art = $25

Add $5 to be mailed a physical copy of the art.


Package deals:

Comic Cover, 3 color pages, 17 B/W pages, 4 digital art pieces

Price = $167.50 (That's 50% off!)


Character design:

Get a character designed for the price of normal artwork prices! Just provide description and/or rough sketches. No recolors, please.


Payment Options:

Payment doesn't have to be sent till I finish the work, but I won't send the work until payment is recieved. Now I'm willing to accept a few payment options:

Paypal - This is the best way to send payment! It's quick, and usually paypal can translate foreign currency.

Money Order - Slower, but better alternative to a check. Amscot is a good place to get a money order without any surcharges.



You can either note me, or e-mail me at "shadow@sonadow.com"
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