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School days fanfic pt 3

The bus arrives at school and Rage goes to look for his locker. When he notices a big lizard looking guy that everyone seemed to back away from
"Thats Rodreguz he like owns the place." Edward tells him
"He don't look so tough just looks like a hot headed chump." Rage tells Ed. Rod comes over to Ed.
"You are so dead today after school from what happend yesterday." He tells Ed while he walks by.
"Thats the 5 min bell lets go!" Edward says running. They both arrive in the homeroom and rage catches the attention of all the girls in the class.
"It's commen just stay cool." Ed whispers to Rage. The whole day was just boring. Explinations and reading text books.

Chapter 3 the base.
School ends and every kid just goes their own way. Rage notices Ed was gone. He looks behind him and sees Rod about to punch him in the face.
"Hay hot head put Edward down!" Rage yells. he gets an evil look from rod.
"You want to take his place?" Rod growls.
"Sure you can I'll knock you into next week." Rage yells back. Boy did rods face turn red with anger. He storms over and growls at Rage. "allright you asked for it." He throws a punch but rage ducks it and counters with a sweep to his feet. Rod comes crashing down. he gets up and tryies another punch but to find Rage disapear as he swings
"Hay don't you dare hide!" He yells.
"Im not hiding." Rage says in the air behind him. he starts to turn around and rage kicks him in to the land of milk and cookies. (Basicly knocks him out)
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