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About Huckleberry's Hijink - 2

Huckleberry's Hijink by ruink

First off, an update from the previous journal about this comic:  It is officially on PAL and will update through its course.

REMINDER: Please say what you think of the Hijink.  Your opinion of this comic  is appreciated & needed, so please let me or
know what you think of it.

Okay people, for this entry, I plan to give a bit of housekeeping on the story, but not give it away.  As you've seen from the first pages on PAL, the girls aren't... stacked for their age, and there is a reason for this; the girls of Strawberry Shortcake have small tits, specifically, nothing more than a b-cup bra size.  The Itty Bitty Titty Committee runs this show, people and it's actually a change in pace of the regular PAL mundane of girls.  Granted those girls are either 18 or 19 years old, I guess some people think small-titted girls are lolitas.  As I said before, this series is mostly female characters... and there are, excluding antagonists and pets, a total of 24 girls, so hopefully, a certain Yuri enthusiast that is watching this story is paying attention.  Okay, it's time for "Roll Call" for this tale, and yes, it'll be ladies first:

Strawberry Shortcake: You should already recognize this girl alone, Strawberry is the main girl/heroine of the series.  The brown-red haired girl is button sweet and true to her friends, traits that will remain with her character for a long time.
Blueberry Muffin: Strawberry's "Right-hand Girl" who has been around since the very beginning.  Her hair color is originally blue, but she dyed it brown and wears it brown from time to time and the dye itself is special and has a special solution in order for it to be washed out.  She's a lover of books and prefers reading mysteries and romance stories.
Angel Cake: Another original girl, Angel started out with a health knick, but that was curbed a long while back.  She relatively a sweet girl, but can be somewhat of a rival at times.
Raspberry Torte: The "Tart"-based Raspberry is another original.  She's the athletic type who likes staying active and staying in shape.  A real sporty girl indeed.
Ginger Snap: The mexican girl with the short, black hair.  She came in the second series and is normally a content girl.  However, she will show her temper every now and again.

Lemon Meringue: The next original girl of Strawberry's friends.  Lemon is a slight vanity nut and likes to look cute and pretty... do you like the camisole she's wearing?
Rainbow Sherbert: Another second season girl, but easy to recognize.  She's a nice girl who lives on her boat, which she uses to ferry people, including her friends.
Seaberry Delight: This second season girl was found on a trip that Strawberry, Blueberry and Rainbow made to visit Coco Calypso, and through a misunderstanding, met up with Seaberry.  She lives in a house that rests in an underwater cave, and naturally, she's an excellent swimmer.  Strawberry sure has a lot of friends who are blonde, but at least they aren't stupid.
Peppermint Fizz: Peppermint (who will be seen next update) is... well, Peppermint is the bitch of the Strawberryland girls.  Peppermint is negative, has a bad temper, isn't really liked so much because of her attitude, but Strawberry thinks there's a little good in this girl's heart.
Apple Dumplin: An original girl and Strawberry's younger sister.  Originally, she lived with her nee-chan, but Apple has her own pad and has established established self-reliance early on.  She the youngest member of the crew and you will see her later.
Huckleberry Pie: And finally, our unsung male protagonist, Huckleberry... you know, the one this "Hijink" is all about.  Huck has been around since the beginning also and is Strawberry's left-hand man.  How far will Huck's hijinks go?  That's for you people to decide.

The final bit of housekeeping I will discuss is about "those cumming moments".  One thing that Strawberry and crew are known for, especially in the figures, is how they smell, because everyone is scented.  Ginger smells like gingerbread cookies, Raspberry smells like real raspberries, and so on.  So when someone cums, expect it to have a "flavor" to it.  So, for example, when Rainbow has a squirting orgasm, not only will it smell like the actual sorbet of rainbow sherbet (remember, milk is not used in the makig of rainbow sherbert), it will also be colourful.  almost as colourful as her panties are.  You may rarely, if at all, see a cumshot of a regular color, so expcet this vintage when it occurs.  And with that said, I'll open the floor for questions.
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What About Angel Cake Cumming
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