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Derpderp Survey Thing :B

Took this from
, although I modified it slightly.

*Where were you born?:
[redacted], Mississippi

*Where did you live most of your childhood life?:
Here in northern Alabama. :B

*What did you aspire to be when you were a child?:
Either an astronaut or mad scientist... possibly both. XD

*Is it what you want to be/are doing now? Whats changed?:
Nope. If anything, the most likely thing I'd go for once I eventually go back to college would be a computer programmer. But I haven't the resources to be a mad scientist and I want to go to space without having to be part of the air force or something. XP Preferably on my own terms entirely, but meh.

*What animal resembles you most? Why?:
According to a lot of people, fennec fox. I'm twitchy, plus I tend to spazz at times. And I have a short attention span. And I make funny noises. And they are my favorite animal, so myah. XD

*If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?:
I dunno... D; I'd rather just not have to worry about money and pursue various things of interest.

*What one thing do you wish to accomplish most during your life?:
I can't pick just one. D;

*If you could have one magic power, what would it be? Why?:
Umm... shapeshifting I guess. xD

*What religion, if any, do you believe in?:

*Do you believe in love at first sight?:
It's an absolutely impossible fictional concept people invented because it makes for cute stories. To really genuinely love someone takes time. You can't actually love someone you know nothing about. Romances in most movies and such drive me insane for this very reason. <__<

*Whats the difference between love, romance and sex?:
>Love is developed between people that have grown very close over time, starting with friendship and blossoming beyond that.
>Romance is a way of genuinely showing love. :3
>Sex is... well, kind of like a wonderful, intimate game people (preferably people who love eachother) can play to make themselves and one another feel really good. <w<

*Do you believe in God?:

*Do you believe in any afterlife?:
Not really sure. It's a nice idea in a way, but I see no real evidence for it.

*What purpose do you believe organized religion serves?:
To control people. Hence why I generally hate it. <.<

*Do you believe life exists on other planets?:
While there's no way to be 100% certain, I find it highly unlikely that, in a universe this big, we could be even remotely alone on this little rock. I'm 99.9% sure there's got to be other life out there somewhere. :3

*What are your views regarding abortion?:
Not the best option, but ultimately nobody's business other than the woman involved and her doctor. Better not to get pregnant in the first place, but I totally support a woman's right to choose to have one, regardless of how she got pregnant.

*What do you feel about interracial couples?:
What's there to feel? Love is love. <O_o>

*How do you feel about same sex marriages or relationships?:
Same as previous question.

*What are your views on age gap relationships (more than 10 years apart)?:
Wow... 10 years? Erf... x.x; Well, to each their own but... I know I couldn't do that. Too many potential awkward differences. Not to mention one person would outlive the other by at least 10 or so years most likely D=

*What is your idea of a dream house?:
One that I can design myself from top to bottom, with all kinds of cool features without worrying about the cost. Cus I have lossa cool ideas. X3

*What is your idea of a dream car?:
One that doesn't need gasoline. D; Electric or somethin'. Friggin' gas prices...

*What is your idea of a dream vacation?:
An all-furry world cruise with my snugglefoxie and our closest friends. <3

*What would your ideal weekend getaway be?:
Hmm, just for a weekend eh? I dunno... random road trip with my foxie and maybe two close friends to wherever the hell we feel like. X3

*What would your ideal birthday celebration be?:
HOOKERS AND BLOW. Loljk. I dunno. <o o>

*What is your life dream?:
I dunno. I am not an ambitious pony foxie. ><; I mean, there's a number of things I'd -like- to do, but I dunno...

*If you had three wishes, what would they be?:
1. More wishes (Cus you didn't say I couldn't X3)
2. insert everything I want here

*What do you want most from life?:
I can't decide. D;

*If you could create the absolute perfect job for yourself, what would itbe?:
Umm... sex toy inventor? XD I dunno lawl.

*What three areas of your life do you want to improve?:
1. Finance. I needs teh moneys. xx;
2. Living situation. I need to move outta my parents place...
3. General activity. I waste too much time >>;;

*What are your current passions/obsessions?:
Exalted (tabletop game) and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. X3

*Do you prefer the cold or hot? Why?:
Heat when I'm alone, cold if I've got someone to snuggle with. I'd much rather not deal with extremes though. D=

*Are you a morning or a night person? Why?:
Night, definitely. @_@;

*What is your biggest pet peeve?:
Republicans. XD Nah but seriously, hard to choose just one. There's a bunch...

*Are you a cat or dog person?:
I loves both. <3

*What do you do when you feel sad or depressed?:
Whine to friends and cuddle plushies, then maybe play a game or watch something funny to get my mind off things.

*What do you do when you feel angry or upset?:
Bitch and complain, usually online, then play a game and/or listen to apropriate music. >w>

*Gossip... turn on or off?:
Bleh, turn off. D;

*Smoking... turn on or off?:
Off! It makes me die x_x; Cigarettes seriously fuck with me

*Weight problems... turn on or off?:
Turn off, but mostly just if it's excessive. A little bit of pudge can be cute though I guess. :3

*Surprises... turn on or off?:
Depends on what kind... >>

*Quiet places... turn on or off?:
Er... neither? o_O;

*Loud places... turn on or off?:
Off. *covers his big ol' foxie ears* D=

*Ambition... turn on or off?:
Off if it's excessive to the point of being one of those uber-driven macho alpha-wannabe types that think us more passive, non-competitive people are wastes of space. <_<;;;

*Competetion... turn on or off?:
Not a competitive person generally, but only really a turnoff if it's excessive.

*Outdoors... turn on or off?:
On, except when it comes to nasty weather and bugs <<;;


Wha? Seriously? xD

Blue, of any shade. <3

Fennec foxes. c:

*Mythical creature?:
So hard to decide... @@; Unicorns? Kitsunes? Dragons? Myahh~

Halloween, probably. X3 Yay for an excuse to dress up~!

*Disney movie?:
So many to choose from D= I can'ts decides

*movie genre?:
Comedy, probably. Or adventure. Would say action, but I'm very picky with those. xp

*music genre?:
Depends on my mood, but usually classic rock/80s or dance/electronica/other synth stuffs |3

*What do you feel is your best personality treat?:
Um... I guess the fact I always try to get along with people? xD

*What do your feel is your worst character flaw?:
Either ditzyness or indecisiveness I guess...

*Do you regret anything you've done in the past?:
Probably, but can't be arsed to think of anything specific at the moment. <w<

*Are there any opportunities you wish you hadn't passed on?:
Probably, but can't think of them at the moment.

*If you were to spend an entire day alone, what would you do?:
Probably sexual things <///< >///> And/or games. XD

*What things irritate you?:
Lots of stuff. <w<

*If you could change one thing about the world we live in, what would it be?:
Oh lordy, just one? Eesh... I dunno, remove all the religious zealots? xD

*How do you feel about speaking in public?:
It makes me crazy nervous. D;

*What is your worst fear?:
Spiders or having blood drawn/sucked out. >.< *shudders*

*How do you feel your relationship with your family is?:
Eh, could be better, could be worse. Mostly just kind of distant and disconnected most of the time, despite the fact that I still live with them. <O_o>

*Do you agree with the way your parents raised you? why or why not?:
Meh... in some ways yes in others no.

*What is the best way for you to relieve stress?:
Fappin'. XD

*What astrological sign are you? You think it resembles your actual personality?:
Libra, but I never took much stock in that stuff. xp And I don't know quite enough about it to say one way or the other.

*What do you feel is the most annoying habit you have?:
Being indecisive, probably. XD

*Do you feel you are good with people?:
Generally I guess.

*Are you naturally extroverted or introverted?:

*Do you feel you tend to judge people to quickly?:
Eh, I dunno... in some cases maybe, in others not really.

*would you rather have many friends or just a small group of close friends?:
Small group I guess, if only because it's easier to keep in touch/keep up with them, and can be closer to them. ;w;

*If you could change your name what would you change it to?:
I'm actually fine with my name. But I'd probably change my middle name. To Lloxie I guess. xp

*List 8 facts about you:
1: I am a pseudo-vegetarian. I don't eat land-meat. Used to not eat any meat, but started eating seafood again about two years ago now. Was a total vegetarian for about 5-6 years before that. O:
2: I'm bisexual but dun care for boobs. xp Go figure.
3: I was a virgin until age 22.
4: I've never played any of the Final Fantasy games.
5: Some of my local friends have taken to giving me the nickname "Derpy". >w<
6: I enjoy RPing.
7: I have a cub fursona. :B
8: I have a ton of plushies and I'm a lil bit of a plushophile.
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