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The only Furry ever to truly offend me!

Well I remember once a girl Furry artist posted a question of is it easier being a girl when you post art on adult themed sites.

I have indeed noticed that girls really have to do little to gain popularity on line because for the most part all they have to do is post pics of them selves or even better pics of there boobs and they get TONS of attention.

This is NOT just a “furry” thing it happens all the time on You Tube and what almost allays happens is they get so much attention they think it’s there own talent that get’s them attention.

It’s all I posted a video about health care reform and it got a bazillion page views it MUST be people appreciated my professional video making and intelligent opinion.

And all it really is that people like to watch yer boobies jiggle while you talk.

There was an artist in the furry fandom who was REALLY popular, and also happened to be a girl, and I mean like SUPER POPULAR!

Now there’s a lot of people who insist that girls (They insist that it’s part of the female psyche) have a tendencies to do thing JUST to get attention and when they get lots of attention they will often go to greater circumstances just to get more.

Now a female artist who is poplar for drawing adult art get’s hundreds of thousands of comments and page views is what you would THINK is enough attention even for the biggest attention whore, because remember she’s bombarded by guys at conventions one would thing makes tons of money off of commissions and I mean really you just can’t get more attention than that unless your last name is Hilton!

Imagine my shock when this artist began posting pics of “herself” in artistic nude poses!

My first thought was “yah she’ll do like one and get all kinds of “Creepy comments” and quit.”


Imagine my surprise when the pics kept coming, not only did they KEEP COMING but they kept getting more and more…



So she became so popular that she would get more and more views and requests for art and all these guys throwing complements to her and her art became even MORE poplar and her popularity went THROUGH THE ROOF!

Now it is said that women who desire attention LOVE attention related to sex but don’t like exposing them selves or being sexual in any way!

So imagine my EXTREME SURPRISE when the very pics that have been giving this “artist” so much attention are of SOME ONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!

It’s like “what? The thousand and thousands of complements you got for your art eren’t enough?”

You were just SUCH A FUCKING ATTENTION WHORE you hade to take naked pictures OF A FRIEND and FALSELY CLAME they’re you?

Is your self esteem really THAT BAD?

I mean WOW it’s one thing to clame some else’s ART is yours but to clame some one else’s NAKED BODY is yours is JUST disgusting!

I think you should REALLY take a look in the mirror Jessica Elwood because that is really a DISGUSTING MOVE!

You have insulted your entire gender and all adult themed artist and PROVEN why so many males get tired of cute girls getting all the attention!
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Added: 8 years, 8 months ago
8 years, 8 months ago
That's sad. o.o; Some people are just really needy, I guess. I try not to pay attention to those people, haha. :p
8 years, 8 months ago
Should I be happy that I have no idea who this person is?
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