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PSA: Message for MLP Artists!

To the people out there in the Fandom be it SFW or NSFW Art,

Lately I've seen more and more of our artists stop working on all pony related art unless commissioned and paid for due to the high rise of
demanding people who seem to think that the artist is there for free art no matter how complex or simple your art may be. I've also found threads
of /mlp/ and /4chan/ that are trying to destroy these artists lives by getting paypals banned, attacks at conventions, and other things to completely break
government laws by finding where they live, and other personal data.

You may think that the pony fandom is thriving for art, however your driving out people who enjoy the fandom and doing art for your entertainment.
Recently an artist has been threatened, and assualted online with REAL LIFE THREATS. At this point it seems to me the people who are doing this
are not truely bronies, just people who either are self righteous of themselves who think they deserve everything at their whim. If you are truely a brony
of the fandom you know that love and tolerate is the motto, but that isn't the case in this situation. Hate and Destroy is.

A Rule of thumb that should be given to everything is if you don't like it, ignore it. If you hate it, don't go near it. These people are out of control.
This here is a reason why the fandom gets bad names as Pedophiles, Adult Children, and other crude terms. As the fandom has grown over the years
the artists keep disappearing into the mists of rejection and destruction of their lives. This needs to STOP! Assualt of anyform is illegal, threatening in anyform
is illegal, and destroying a life of someones is complete dickish.

This fandom sent out a message to all of us who live by the love and tolerate motto, like myself. However right now you are dividing a fandom into multiple piles
that seperate us and make us no better then the rest of the world. If you are demanding art from artists from their generous request boxes, during their streams,
or through private messages your nothing but a greedy person who can't take the answer of NO. I've been denied many times and I always have responded with
"Thank you, Maybe next time I'll have something else in mind that you might like. Enjoy your day, keep up the good work." I've had only 2 requests ever done
because I was patient, and grateful for it.

At this point, you may think I'm some self righteous asshole wanting attention from people. That answer is no. If you don't want to read this any further just move on.
I don't want your attention, I want your brains and hearts to stop being a cold dead wasteland and have you re-evaluate what you've been doing to our artists.
Attacking their Paypal, attacking them on forums, attacking them at conventions, it's just downright dispicable. If you don't get your art you requested just try again,
but don't be demanding of this. Requests are free art the artist chooses to do, commissions are paid art that the artist takes on, and you have more control over
what goes into the image, and what is overall done with it.

If an artist asks not to post this on certain sites, don't do it. I know leaks get out and they go wild with it, but at that point you're not supporting the artist you like.
I know everyone can't afford to pay prices for stuff, but even still sending a Thank you, or Keep up the Work gets you on the better side of the person,
and still shows support for them. At this point I have full respect for Artists, Musicians, and Videomakers being one myself.

I'm not a major artist or Musician. I just do videos. I'm Mistressfreespirit on Inkbunny if you're wondering who is writing this message. I speak for all the
tormented, rejected, and assaulted artists out their of all kinds. Through all you can at me if you wish, cause you can't break what is already broken.
I've gone through Depression, through attempted Suicide 3 times, and have even tried to bring others down with me. However, MLP has changed the
way I see life and how I go about it. Right now you're may be putting other artists into the same situation as I was in. That makes you more of a monster
then Discord, NMM, Chrysalis, and everything in MLP Combined. You've become worse then King Sombra doing this.

Once again, let the artists you follow and like know that you appreciate them even if you can't donate or pay for their stuff. Don't be demanding of stuff they
don't want to do, pushing them is more likely make them ignore you. By loving and tolerating, by accepting differences, by not being demanding you make the
world a better place to live in, you make it better for everyone including yourself. Trolling, destroying, threatening does not help you in any degree.
Hiding behind the name of Anonymous doesn't hide you perfectly or forever.

Today, write to an artist that you like, that you donate to, that you're friends with. Tell them to keep up the hard work, that you appreciate all they do
for the fandom art wise, whether it be a Musicain, an Artist, or Video Maker. Give them the self esteem they need to go on with.

-Mistress Free Spirit.
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