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Another little update - Beta 12

We're sneaking in a couple more updates before launch.

Lots of feedback from people has been helping us a lot these last few days! Please keep it coming.

- Changes to the Philosophy page to make it easier to understand. Still need to hit it with a hammer a few more times before we launch.

- Submission details made more compact so they don't take up lots of space vertically.

- Story display given a fun new feature. Shows virtual scrolling "pages" so you can easily tell where you were up to in a story, and go back to it quickly later. Work-in-progress so it's not perfect yet.

- Payout minimum for Alertpay accounts is now $10 (used to be $20).

- There is now a "Inform my watchers of this update" checkbox/option anywhere you upload or change submissions in some way. Useful if you want to upload things or make changes and NOT have update/new submission notifications sent to all your watchers.

- You can replace just the thumbnail on the Preview/Free Files page, without having to upload the whole file again. It also re-caches the thumb so everyone will see the new changes without having to tell everyone to "press F5" like on other sites. This works for whole file replacement, and changing your icon/avatar too. Just replace and BAM everyone sees the new file with no messing around.

- Fixed a bug with country selection on the Shipping details page. We all lived in Zimbabwe apparently.

- Long unbroken text no longer runs off the screen and breaks the site layout.

- New expand/collapse icon in Gallery view so it no longer looks like "Next page".

- Nice looking "Next page" link at the bottom of gallery view to make it even more obvious there are more pages.

- Fixed bugs in search that made it return the same image multiple times.

- We are now running APC to cache PHP files, which makes everything faster and will allow us to have an upload progress meter in the next update.

- More security updates.

[Edit] Oh! And I increased the Shout maximum length to 400 characters (used to be 200).

Thanks for your help, everyone!

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Added: 12 years ago
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12 years ago
I LOVE these new updates. :) Especially the virtual pages for stories...  It's SUCH a neat idea, and the compacted submission info, AND the option to "Inform my watches of this update" and so on... :) Really exciting. I've pimped out this site a couple times in stream and people are really loving it.
12 years ago
Thank you! Glad you like it. Please keep the bug reports and suggestions coming!
3 years, 8 months ago
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