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Incoming Rant....

Note: this rant was pulled from FA, due to folks who were BUTT HURT over it.

Okay, I am SICK of folks being two faced, bitchy, whiny and complaining about things that are not that big a deal.

First: While the situations I mention here are probably going to be recognizable, I will name NO names. If someone CHOOSES to mention themselves and make it known that they're part of the problem, it's your choice and your embarrassment.

Now, I see no reason for anyone to complain when you give someone permission to use a character of yours in a story or RP. You KNEW that said person wouldn't write you exactly as you are, you KNEW what you were getting into. So why, then, would you bother bitching when what you KNEW was going to happen, happens? And how do you solve it? Oh yes, pull your character out and take back permission. never mind the dozens of other folks who are also in the story who have no problems. Just make things difficult, be obnoxious, whine and cry because things don't go your way or you're not as powerful, mysterious, or god-modding as you normally are, or perhaps bullied. I frankly fail to see how someone online can bully another, unless they've got your family held hostage or life savings or some shit, but I digress...

That's not to say the writer isn't without fault either. When someone comes up to you and politely asks to be let out of the story, do it POLITELY. Let them leave in a civilized manner. they don't want anything to happen to them? Fine. Write them out peacefully. Do not make them go painfully, or in a humiliating and embarrassing, or even painful way. Show them you have respect for them as an individual. Do not shit on them or their character; just because they want out does NOT give you the right to tear them a new asshole, simply because things didn't go according to YOUR plans. All it does is make you a bully, and a heartless bastard who cares NOTHING for others. And we know that can't be true; you have friends, don't you? You had to have shown them kindness; why then, when they ask for something that can be so easily granted, would you rape them so horribly? And then expect them to still respect you as a friend?

No.. things don't work like that. I joined several stories in the hopes of having fun,meeting new people and generally socializing more.Instead, a lot of it has either dropped dead, or turned into huge drama fests that make absolutely no goddamned sense. Especially when all parties on all sides run and yap at me, trying to justify themselves and convince me that they're in the right, and the other is wrong.

Well, I've had enough. I'm sick of hearing about why Character A deserved to be anally raped with a spiked dildo till they bleed in public because they dropped out of Author B's story, and I'm sick of hearing how Author B needs to die in a fiery inferno because Character A was portrayed wrongly in their story.

It's FICTION, fuckers. Not real, all made up, and contained in that singular little universe. You jumped in to have fun and get recognition; at least *I* did. Accept the consequences of your character being beyond your control and watch what happens. You don't like it? Write your own goddamned stuff and make him or her the star. But stop coming to me and biting my goddamned head off because I don't side with you on who's right and who's wrong. I'm just here for the screen time and the free food.


EDIT: And I'm sorry, but if you feel hurt or offended by this journal, think for a second how *I* feel. You are NOT the only one hurt by all this crap.
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
7 years, 9 months ago
I would gladly trade my drama for yours. =( You are right, these kind of things are no need to concerned about. It's just a game. What's to get upset over?
7 years, 9 months ago
I know, but some people just feel the need for drama in their life, I suppose; thus, they tend to see vicious attacks everywhere and try to defend themselves from nothing to make themselves feel better... or something. I dunno. Just wish they'd stop messaging ME and trying to convince ME that they're right and the other guy is wrong. I could care either way; I'm just wanting to see how things go.

Incidentally, how are things on your end?

7 years, 9 months ago
Ehh, if you've read my journals, you know. Things are going a little better. I still feel uneasy about the future...
5 years, 3 months ago
makes perfect sense, some what makes me glad i havent joined any new writers communities (last one i joined respectfully let me leave so bounus points for them)
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