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Well, yay for emotional rollercoasters!

Some of you may have noticed I haven't been online in several days. This is for two reasons. First, RCFM was this weekend. Secondly, my snugglefoxie flew down on Thursday and is staying for a full week! <333 He is so cuddly and sweet and cute and I love him soooo much. I stayed in a room at the con hotel with him that night, plus Friday and Saturday. And of course, the con hotel is crazy awesome. The room was supposed to be only for one or two people, but we could easily have had at least four in there because there were two separate sections to the room, and the couch in the "living room" area folded out into a bed. In fact Saturday night my local friend Morgan did end up staying in the room with us.

And speaking of friends, it was so much better this year with friends being around. Last year there was like nobody I knew at RCFM, but this year was totally the opposite. I had several local friends come to the con this year as furry newbies, and they absolutely loved it! Plus, I got to hang out with a good friend Kit and I know who is an awesome artist AND a cute fursuiter, named Slushie-Nyappy-Paws (ie. Slush or Nyapz for short). My best local friend and unofficial "sister", Stef, came on Saturday, too, and had a blast. Of course, she and Kit both ended up getting a bit drunk and I had to babysit them to keep them out of trouble, but I didn't mind cus they were kinna cute and silly about it, if a little worrying at times. >w<

I also made some new friends through people I already knew there. In fact tonight Kit is staying with one of them due to some troublesome circumstances I'll be explaining further below. His name is Kody Newlight and he's an uber sweetheart. <3 And I gots arts! Well, two new badges anyway. Not of Lloxie, though- instead, I got some badges for my sub-fursonas that I've been developing that represent different aspects of myself. The two I commissioned were for Derpsi, my fennec/husky who represents my playfulness, silliness, and, of course, derpyness; and Wysq, my otter/fox who represents my feminine side, as well as my more stereotypically "gay" self in general. Actually, that second one I haven't received yet, but should soon. I'll make sure to scan and upload them both asap.

I also got some piccies of cute fursuiters and such, but not nearly as much as my Kitkat. <3 Him and his fancy camera, hehe... so many awesome pics. And vids! Gawd, the suiters were adorable this year. Especially Wayco, of course! I'm such a Wayco fanboi. X3 OMG she and this other suiter (who is apparently her "sister") "lipsynced" and acted along to "Anything you can do I can do better" at the variety show... cutest. performance. EVER. And Kit recorded it on video, so I'll throw up a link as soon as he uploads it. <3


Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to go on about the con, there is more pressing and problematic news. Today, the last day of the con, my parents decided they want me out of the house. They want me to start packing and move out, even though I don't have a job yet. So, surprise surprise, their timing ruins things again. Partly they don't seem to believe that I've been trying to get a job, even though I have tried as much as I can. And my mom just plain can't accept that I have a boyfriend. It's driving me crazy... one minute she's making herself out to be such an open-minded loving person, but then the next she's a bible-thumping homophobic bitch. Damn bi-polar disorder... I know she can't really help it, at least to an extent, but it doesn't help that she doesn't listen to doctors or take her meds half the time. <e.e>

So yeah... I'm not out on the street yet, and luckily my dad seems at least slightly more understanding since we talked, but I don't have a lot of time left. I'm just at a loss.... I don't know what to do anymore... *sighs and curls into a ball*
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Added: 7 years, 9 months ago
7 years, 9 months ago
*hugs* don't let that get to you o3o
you'll be fine ^w^
7 years, 9 months ago
Meep! *huggleses* Thankies, ya lil sweetie. :3
7 years, 9 months ago
ya welcome o3o
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