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My characters, fursonas, and all


I've had a couple people ask me over time about why I (now) have three different characters, so I figured it was a good time to explain myself. And I read neonslushies journal to the same effect

Iarann Coyote https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11175701/
Iarann is me. He is my Ego, my rational side. He is my online representation of myself, and though he is distinctly fuzzier than me, and often of late has a few more limbs, he acts and reacts as I would in real life. His name means "Iron" in Irish (of which I have some heritage) and he is often of an iron, unbending will. All the clothing that you may see him wear, I wear. His mannerisms, his build, his personality, they are me. This is why although I have a fair bit of solo adult stuff with him, there is relatively little with other partners. I am rather selective of who he is with, and the situation usually has to be something unique. He is not the type that you will find in multiple character YCH auctions where I do not know who the others may be.

Akvavit Wolverine https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10149462/
Big, burly, and dominant, Akvavit was created to do all the things that I did not want to do with Iarann. He is my Id, the base, instinctual drives. That is why he is quite promiscuous, lustful and gets into all sorts of kinky things. He is actually named after a Swedish (also part of my heritage) liquor that I enjoy. It seemed appropriate to name my representation of lowered/no inhibitions after an alcohol.

Pareo the Whitetail Deer https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11787850/
Pareo is literally a plaything for me. I created him to just have fun with, and as a counterpoint to Akvavit's dominant personality. His name is Latin, meaning "to obey to" or "submit" which is exactly what he does. He is there to be used and abused, and he enjoys it. He loves to submit to anyone and gains pleasure by pleasing. Pareo is also an open character that anyone can ask to be with and, with very few exceptions, I will grant.

What about you guys?  Who are your characters to you?
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