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The hell am I looking at?!

All of Shuu's characters are staring at the two porn pics that magically have shown up in the gallery. The reactions are mixed.

Kell: I don't know what's weirder, the fact that I'm seeing pron here. Or Shuu has turned into a girl..and a mouse.

Shuu: I had no control over that...for the most part.

Russel: Sheesh how many of us are you going to genderbend?

Shuu: For the record Russel, I just split you and Ashley into two seperate characters. That TECHINCALLY isn't genderbending.

Russel: ...point...

Shuu: Besides I said I would upload porn one day and I did! It's been sitting on my journal for like nearly a year now.

Kell: No, you said the idea was 'sketchy' I don't know if that is code for porn but you really didn't mention it by name.

Shuu: Quite you oversized stuffed animal!

Kell: Stuffed...animal...?

Shuu eye twitches realizing that she stepped over a line that must never ever be crossed.

Shuu: It..it slipped out Kell! I'm sorry I didn't mean it!

Kell: Oh no no no, I know it was an accident. I'm not mad, in fact I'm so not mad I'm not going to punish you for it at least not now. Just think about it..and be afraid.

Kell walks off cackling madly

Russel: You are so hosed.

Shuu: I know...


Journal Show brought to you by Up WAAAY too late Shuu starring

Sir Kell
Russel (Squirrel in the "Ashe-Original Model Picture)
Shuu (New Avatar and Fursona [For Now]
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Added: 5 years, 4 months ago
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