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New Version, New Backgrounds, A Little Sales Advice

Another week has gone by. And we just keep growing! It's going to take time before we get to the level of submissions and activity we are really aiming for, but this is a great start.

Inkbunny is a site primarily for sharing free art. We also provide a sales system so that when artists choose to, they can put work up for digital or print sales. Apart from supporting the artists with well-deserved cash, a percentage of every sale goes towards funding Inkbunny's hosting, development, payment gateway, and all other operational costs.

There are a lot of dedicated art fans willing to put money in to supporting their favorite artists. And Inkbunny is here to help them do that. Sales are going well considering our relatively small userbase. Some artists are doing very well from the sales system already, in fact.

Right now the hottest items are Portfolios as Digital sales.. and anything to do with Dragons! Customers see value for money when you package up a series of images and sell them all together.

We suggest artists consider uploading and selling Digi versions of art CDs. Many of you have art compilations ready to go, that you could be selling on IB as a Zip download. Even old art CDs are attractive to buyers when they can be purchased instantly online as a Zip.

Check out these sales submissions for ideas on what you can sell on Inkbunny and how it can be packaged. Be warned that some are Adult rated.

[mediumthumb]11424[/mediumthumb]      [mediumthumb]10347[/mediumthumb]      
Turkey Legs Race Fast To The Heart by Keto

Good vs Evil by kkitty23
      [mediumthumb]6833[/mediumthumb]      [mediumthumb]8907[/mediumthumb]

We'll have a special journal soon about what artists are doing to get their sales moving and tips about how to get the most out of Inkbunny's sales features.

Always getting better

We have a big list of stuff for this update! Some things were added at the start of the week but we didn't want to spam you all with more update emails. We try to keep news announcements to a minimum, and pack in as much as we can.

We have added 3 new backgrounds to choose from, and also a Background Navigator, which is those two little arrows you can now see in the top-right of the page. Just click them and see what happens!

There is now the option to mass select and move items between your Gallery and Scraps. You can also mass select and turn on/off "Block Guests" without having to go to each individual Submission. For both these new features, go to your Gallery or Scraps page and you will see them as choices in the Actions dropdown list.

You can also quickly see which images have "Block Guests" turned on or off by looking for the red circle icon under thumbnails on your Gallery and Scraps pages.

We have made some changes to the Userpage that will benefit Writers, Composers and anyone else uploading non-image submissions to Inkbunny. This includes showing titles under all thumbnails and displaying your custom thumbnails in the Featured submission area at the top-left of the userpage.

Allowing or Denying Guests access to your Adult Material

A reminder; Guests are users who do not have Inkbunny accounts. Guests can now choose to see some Mature and Adult artwork on Inkbunny without creating a user account, if the artist has allowed this on their images. By default, Guests are blocked from your Mature (nudity) or Adult work unless you give them access to it. If you do nothing, the site keeps operating just the same as before, and they can't see your old or new Mature (nudity) and Adult uploads.

The choice to allow Guests to see your Adult work is mainly for artists wishing to give customers access to see and buy it, without the customers having to sign up to Inkbunny first. Make sure "Block Guests" is OFF for any submissions you want to be publicly accessible that way. This is very useful if you are posting sales links on FurAffinity or other sites and want users to get to your work and buy it instantly on IB.

Guests still need to agree to the Terms of Service and state that they are adults before they are given access to the Adult material that artists have allowed them to see.

Net Filtering to keep minors away

We use a system called RTA Self Labelling that tells all popular net filter software and firewalls that our site is for Adults Only. Any computer using pretty much any mainstream brand of filtering software cannot access Inkbunny. We advise parents to be responsible, supervise their children's use of the Net at all times, and to use filtering software for added protection.

Updates for Versions Beta 20 + 21

Here is the huge technical list of goodies added to the site this week. There were actually two upgrades.

* New Feature - Search Results controls. The Search Results page now has options to quickly change sorting, time range and sales filter. These are the most commonly changed settings for any search, so now you don't have to go back to “Alter Search” every time to change them.

* New Feature - Background Navigator. Click the left/right arrows in the top-right corner of the screen to quickly choose from the available backgrounds. Your choice is automatically saved to your account.

* New Backgrounds – Three new backgrounds by Lando.

* New Feature - Unread Notices emails inform you of updates to your Unread Notices list. They can be sent weekly, daily or hourly, or disabled completely.

* New Feature - Mass select and move items to/from your Scraps Gallery. You an choose this action in the dropdown of actions on your Gallery or Scraps pages.

* New Feature - Mass select and Block/Allow Guests to see your submissions. You an choose this action in the dropdown of actions on your Gallery or Scraps pages.

* Your latest submission is now shown at the top of your userpage if you have no Featured Submission set but you have uploaded submissions. If you have no submissions uploaded, then it shows your latest Favorite instead.

* Submission titles are now shown under all thumbnails on userpage. This helps for Writers and Composers who previously had to rely on custom thumbnails to tell user's what was in the submission when viewing its thumbnail on the Userpage.

* Custom thumbnails now show in the Featured area for Writing and other non-image submissions. Previously it would just show a generic submission type icon for non-image uploads, even if you had a custom thumbnail.

* Pools left/right thumbnails under submissions now check your rating and keyword blocking settings and correctly hide any content you chose not to see, showing the next acceptable thumbnail if one is available.

* File size is now shown as you download files you purchased, so you can see the time remaining.
Downloading files you purchased now doesn't “freeze” the rest of Inkbunny, so you can keep browsing the site while downloads are running.

* Fixed major bug causing new users to “lose” their new uploads for a period of time. Now new users will be able to see their own uploads in their own Gallery and Userpage right away.

* Changed the preview and email modes for bbcode color, left, right and center tags so they don't have special text characters surrounding them any more. This was making comment, journal, etc summaries hard to read if they started with complex bbcode formatting.

* Some fixes to email and username checks when using the resend activation code and reset password features. It used to run a case-sensitive check in some places. So for example it would mistakenly think “MyEmail@foo.Com” and “myemail@foo.com” were totally different, when they should be seen as a correct match.

* Posting Video Stream announcements to Twitter now doesn't have the pointless "..in 0 hrs 0 mins" message when your stream is starting right away.

Thank you everyone!

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Added: 11 years, 10 months ago
Site News Item: yes
11 years, 10 months ago
I have to say I like all the recent and plentiful updates I've been seeing from you guys. I enjoy staying informed!  

I look forward to new developments. :)
I also like how you plan to actively help artists benefit financially from the full use of your systems. Any new artist wanting to give IB a go will be able to have access to that information easily once it's up. I've not seen other sites which say "Here! Let's help you market yourself!"

So... Cheers!
11 years, 10 months ago
Woot! Yay for updates. =3
11 years, 10 months ago
More awesomeness! Yay!
I really like the look of having titles on my text submissions.
Hope that you'll extend that to my +favs as I tend to have a lot of written stuff in it.
11 years, 10 months ago
Good point about the favs. I'll add it to them too!
11 years, 10 months ago
*gives you belly rubs*
11 years, 10 months ago
I'm loving that I'm seeing the city sunset background from one of my commissions as one of the options.  It is still the most beautiful commission I've ever gotten and I'm glad to be able to set that art as my site background here.  :)
11 years, 10 months ago
Oooh it's from yours? Link to the pic? I don't know if I've seen it! :D
11 years, 10 months ago
11 years, 10 months ago
Oh wow! I don't think I've seen that one before! <3
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