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Ways of The Moon. Chapter 1 "He has lost his candle"

A quick summary: This is a story about a nomadic Ex-Samurai. Who lost his warlord in a war with the demon Masfu. Defeat quickly became rage and rage...Revenge. There are adult scenes, Furry, yiff, violence, gore, and swearing. Our hero Zax or "The wolf that the moon protected." carries his trademark weapon. The Munburedo or "Moon Blade" is made of a rare metal that glows like the moon at night. He travels to protect the weak and perfect his skills.

"I fell that day not as a samurai but as a man. I am no longer a man but a monster...Bad news for my enemies."

                                                                                            Zax "Recovering shortly after a horrible battle..."

Terry's Tavern Gothlicburg, Akudunmire 10:00 PM

Terry: Its a bit cold tonight.

[Terry the Pitbull bartender and owner of Terry's Tavern was a old looking dog. His droopy blacken eyes from many years of sleepless nights. He had a scruffy looking grey dinner suit and a dirty hankey in his shirt pocket.]

Wolf: Yes it is I hear of snow up north.

*Tavern Door crashing open*

Bounty Hunter: Zaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax! *hand axe unsheathing*

Terry: Hey put that away! *fist slamming*

Wolf: *sword quickly unsheathing* Pawasurasshu! {Power Slash!}

*Bloody slicing noise*

Bounty Hunter: uhhga! *falling noise*

Zax: Sorry about the mess Terry.

[Zax is our hero he has 3 different type of mastery level martial arts. Bushido {Ways of The Samurai} Ninjutsu {Style of the Shinobi}  Luna Crescent {A style only known to the "Full Moon Knights"} He wears a black armor called "The Dark Armor" It is chainmail with reinforced leather inside and covering the outside. It is coated with a paint that absorbs light making it seem dark even in broad daylight with samurai pants and leather shoes. His sword glows a dull glow at night the same as the moon. During the day it is pitch black metal. He is a dirty rough looking wolf. Dark gray fur covers most of his body with black eyes with a wild look.]

Terry: Zax you your find trouble where ever you go?

Zax: Trouble finds me Ted. *opens coin bag* *drops a few gold coins* Thanks Ted see you in a few years.

Terry: You be careful out there.

*The Gothlicburg streets are quiet at night.*

Zax: *looking up* It is cloudy. A storm may be around close.

Too be Continued...
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Added: 5 years, 3 months ago
5 years, 3 months ago
your such a good story teller mama katey I cant wait! x3
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