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Mario series rule 34 project idea list <3

Here are all the ideas i have of pictures for the rule 34 project mentioned in my last journal :3 i thought i show you guys the ideas so that you can see what to expect :3
also i will be starting this project next week on Monday :3 so look forward until then :3 also f you want feel free to comment on the ideas. ^w^

Intro picture – Has Gaki walking around the Mushroom kingdom with a confused look while a pair of Goombas watches from behind a bush.

Goomba – The pair of Goombas has pushed Gaki over and one of them is standing on Gaki’s back so that he can’t get back up while the other has stuck its cock in Gaki’s mouth.

Goomba 2 – Gaki is now riding on the other goomba’s cock while the first goomba Watches with a satisfied look on its face.

Amazing flyin` Hammer bro – Gaki is being fucked by one of these guys ontop of its flying platform.

Bandit – A bandit has blindfolded and tied Gaki up and is now preparing to fuck Gaki’s tailhole.

Birdo (herm) – Gaki met a Birdo who became very attracted to him when Gaki was trying to pick something off the ground the birdo got behind him and started sliding its cock between his buttcheeks.

Chain chomp 2 – A loose Chain chomp has pounced onto Gaki and is forcing him to lick it’s now erect doggy-dick.

Chargin’ Chuck – a couple of them has laid Gaki down on the grass and is spit roasting him.

Goombella (herm) – Gaki is sucking on her cock while she watches him and licks her lips.

Gourmet guy – Is fucking Gaki while feeding him slices of cake.

Koopa troopa – The troopa is laying on its back having Gaki ride its cock while another troopa stands behind Gaki and rubs Gaki nipples while trying to get its cock inside of Gaki’s tailhole as well

Yoshi – Two Yoshi are doing double anal on Gaki. The one in front of Gaki is kissing him deeply while the other Yoshi is using its long tongue to lick its friends butthole.

Toad – Several naked and horny toads surround Gaki and one of them starts frenching him and rubbing his cock against Gaki’s cock  while the others watches and masturbates. this picture will be uploaded to my tumblr due to human character

Dry dry desert – Gaki finds himself in a really big desert will he find something to drink in order to survive the heat?

Dry bones – A skeletal koopa sneaked up on Gaki and is now using one of its bones on Gaki by pushing it up his butt.

Phanto – Gaki has grabbed a big key (maybe it can help him get home?)  However a strange mask started following him around, then all of a sudden it attached itself to Gaki’s face and made Gaki pass out. Once Gaki wakes up again he is naked and has dried cum on his belly and crotch, and the big key inserted into his tailhole.

Shy guy – Gaki is ambushed by a group of shyguys, they tie him up with their belts and then proceed to rape him.

Pokey – Walking around the desert Gaki was getting really thirsty and came across a strange wriggling cactus with several penises sticking out of it, perhaps whatever liquid is inside could quench his thirst?

Underground – Gaki has ended up underground after entering a pipe.

Buzzy beetle – A buzzy beetle fucks Gaki in the doggy style position

Monty mole – Gaki gets pulled down into a hole by a pair of Monty moles. One of them is holding onto his legs so he can’t get back up and the other is licking his tailhole.

Piranha plant – one of these plants grabbed Gaki whe he peeked inside of a pipe, it is now coiling around his little body while its tongue licks his face and neck.

Galaxy – Gaki finds himself in space, wonder what creatures live here.
Luma – A luma or two pushing starbits up Gaki’s tailhole. Gaki’s belly has a bulge on it suggesting many starbits have already been pushed in.

Princess Rosalina (Futa) – Gaki is sitting in the princess’s lap while she teases one of his nipples with her fingers and her cock being inside of Gaki’s tailhole. this picture will be uploaded to my tumblr due to human character

Dino Piranha – This big beast has forced Gaki down on his back and is rubbing its huge cock up and down Gaki’s body.

Bee – Gaki has been stuck to a huge honeycomb and the honey is keeping him in place, a few bees arrive and decide to use his mouth for relief as well as licking honey off his body.

Shroob – a bunch of shroobs have taken Gaki into their UFO and is probing his tailhole with strange devices.

Octoomba – Gaki is kneeling in front of a octoomba and its suckling on Gaki’s little penis.

Inside dungeon – This dungeon seems to belong to some sort of evil king.

Chain-chomp – Gaki is kneeling infront of a chain-chomp and is getting his belly, face and crotch with its huge tongue.

Podoboo – A group of podoboos surrounding Gaki and uses their strange heat to make Gaki very hot and aroused at the same time.

Amp – Gaki is tied up and is getting some electrical stimulation from a bunch of these.

Boom Boom – He holds Gaki up against a wall while pounding him roughly.

Bowser – The evil king has dressed Gaki up in a kinky version of princess peach’s dress and is giving him a deep fucking that he won’t forget for quite some time.

Kamek – the evil wizard Kamek restrains Gaki with his magic he also puts Gaki into a hypnosis that makes him super horny and hard but due to the restraints he can’t jerk off.

Hammer bro – Two hammer bros are taking turns fucking a tied up Gaki.

Pre water world  picture– Gaki puts on a girly looking frog suit before going into the water.

Cheep-Cheep – A pair of cheep-cheeps appear and one of them begins suckling on gaki’s penis while the other goes for one of his nipples.

Big bertha – It engulfs most of Gaki in it’s mouth and uses its huge tongue to rub and lick all over Gaki’s body.

Blooper – A blooper swam up to Gaki and uses it’s tentacles to explore Gaki’s body.

Blooper 2 – Another blooper appeared and the two of them are now sticking their tentacles into Gaki’s mouth and tailhole.

Ghost house – Gaki enters a spooky mansion to get some shelter from a sudden storm

Blue Twirler – Blue hands grab onto Gaki trough a painting making sure to rub and touch before pulling him into the painting.

Blue twirler 2- The ghost fucks Gaki inside of the painting.

Boo – A naughty boo licks Gaki’s rear while he isn’t looking which catches him by surprise.

Boo  2 – Since boo’s are shy Gaki puts on a blindfold so that it will come out of hiding which  it does and proceeds to give Gaki a frenchie.

Boo 3 – A boo swarm appear and Gaki gets licked all over and has ghostly cocks prodding him in his tailhole.

Creeper – A creeper has pulled Gaki inside of itself and it’s ghostly gooey-ness is seeping into his tailhole.

Lady Bow – Gaki has been captured by the owner of the mansion. She has put Gaki on a leash and has put him in some really revealing witch themed latex outfit and a vib up his tailhole.

Vivian – Gaki found another captive of the mansion who looked extremely girly as well, the two of them are now sucking cocks In the mansion.

Sky world – Gaki is in the sky

Fly guy – A fly guy has grabbed onto Gaki’s head and is lifting him up while making him suck its cock.

Lakitu – Lakitu is fucking Gaki gently on top of its soft cloud.

Para troopa – Gaki is being held up in the air by a para troopa who is fucking him ad kissing him at the same time

Airship – This airship belongs to the evil king.

Bill blaster – Gaki has been tied up with a bill blaster aiming towards his butt, Gaki looks pretty scared luckily bill blasters don’t shoot when you are that close to it.

Bob-omb – (for this series bob-ombs have cocks sticking out) Gaki has to calm down an angry bob-omb before it explodes by using his tailhole on its cock.

Bowser. JR – Gaki and junior are standing face to face kissing each other while their cocks are rubbing against each other while leaking a bit of pre.

Lemmy and Larry koopa – Gaki is laying on one of Lemmy’s big balls (this one has a hole on it in which Gaki’s penis has been stuck into) while Lemmy is letting Gaki lick his cock and Larry is licking Gaki’s tailhole while masturbating.
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5 years, 5 months ago
sounds like a plan
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